German students excel on exam


The Whitewater High School German Program announced the results of the AATG German Exam for levels 2-4 for 2016. A little over 21,000 students from all 50 states and over 700 German programs took the exam this year.

Fifteen WHS German students made the Presidential Honor Roll. These awards are given to students who achieved the highest percentile rankings on the exam.

Thirty WHS Students (half of those who tested) scored above average on this test.

The following students qualified for the gold award and also qualified to compete for a travel scholarship to Germany: Jennifer St. Martin, Level 2 (eighth in the state); Caleb Enterkin, Level 3 (22nd in the state); Cameron Walker, Level 3 (22nd in the state); and James Neuner, Level 4 (17th in the state).

The following students qualified for the silver award: Josh Bonner, Level 2; Rebecca McDonald, Level 3; Sascha Sutcavage, Level 3; Anna Soendergaard, Level 3; and Alison Rudzinski, Level 4.

The following students qualified for the bronze award: Dresden Day, Level 2; Cambria Caliendo, Level 2; Deepak Joseph, Level 2; Sean Fish, Level 2; Kathryn Greenberg, Level 3; and Aaron Robertson, Level 3.

The following students received certificates of achievement: Charlie Blair, Level 2; Jacob Brundage, Level 2; Devin Dickinson, Level 2; Evelyn Wood, Level 3; James Hartley, Level 3; Dylan Jenkins, Level 3; Zachery Kriesch, Level 3; Luke Gillette, Level 3; Joseph Geise, Level 3; Johnathan Lewis, Level 3; Michael Perry, Level 3; Michael Sandrin, Level 3; William Harp, Level 4; Hannah Moulton, Level 4; and Gersen Van Gunst, Level 4.