A bummer Christmas


I had to renew one of my eye drops last week and was going to pick it up after a Christmas “to-do” lastWednesday. The torrential rains had kept me at home, but had stopped during the party event. A friend was walking me back to my car after the event (I need help with curbs) and looked at my two front tires. He made me promise to go straight to a place we knew, and have air put in them. I promised.

Just a block from the event, it began to rain again, and when I reached the place that had an air hose, the rain was pretty bad. Being a gentlemen, the tire store man put air in all fourtires and I’m sure he was quite soaked when done. I didn’t care to drive any more in the onslaught and came straight home. I decided I would get the eye drops on Thursday.

On Thursday the rain was coming down a hundred miles an hour and the fog was so thick I could hardly see across the street. Please don’t tell my ophthalmologist I was now going three days without these drops – he would have a stroke.

Friday was Christmas Day, sunny and delightful. I got in my car, backed out and headed down the street, when I heard a bumpety-bump sound and realized I had a flat tire. I drove back into the garage, came in, not wanting to call anyone for help because it was Christmas Day and everyone would be with family. So I just sat started to cry, you know, to get rid of the stress.

Just then my daughter called from Denver and I stifled the crying not wanting to ruin her day.

That evening her best friend in Fayette County, Tammy, called to wish me a Merry Christmas and I unloaded on the dear child. Bless Her Heart.

Early Saturday, Tammy called and said she would come over and see what could be done. She had corralled her son, Jake, who was handy at changing tires. I didn’t even know if I had a spare tire, but clearing out the trunk we found one and it was in perfect shape. Jake took it to get filled with air, and when he took the flat tire off, there was the nastiest big nail I have ever seen.

I’m inclined to believe it had probably been in there for some time.

I asked Tammy to follow me to Jake Mask’s place, realizing the wise thing was to just go ahead and buy two new tires. We got there and it was closed. I said let’s go to Hoffman Tire, (with an H) and guess what, it was closed. We called Kaufman Tire (with a K) and there was no answer.

I was feeling comfortable and safe driving with the spare, announced I was just going to chance going to the post office to my mail from the last five days and then to the pharmacy and got my prescription. I then drove home, where I have stayed. It knew it would be early Monday afternoon before I got all my items into The Citizen and get to a tire store. By the time you read this on Wednesday, I will have two new front tires.

Mother’s Day is only five months away and I think I’ll begin hinting to my children that a new watch band would make a nice gift.