Fayette schools to see leadership changes


Some Fayette County schools will have leadership changes next school year, and several central office departments will see personnel adjustments.

The Fayette County Board of Education approved the changes at a called meeting on March 30.

Six schools will have a different principal at the helm for the 2015-2016 school year: North Fayette Elementary, Peeples Elementary, Flat Rock Middle, J.C. Booth Middle, Sandy Creek High, and Starr’s Mill High.

Principal assignments for three of the schools were approved at the called meeting. They include Steve Greene, current coordinator of student athletics, safety and discipline, to principal at J.C. Booth Middle; Oatha Mann, current principal of Flat Rock Middle, to principal at North Fayette Elementary; and Jade Bolton, current principal of North Fayette Elementary, to principal at Flat Rock Middle.

Remaining administrative transfers include Starr’s Mill High Principal Audrey Toney to director of student services (currently titled pupil personnel services); J.C. Booth Principal Ted Lombard to coordinator of business partner development, work-based learning and youth apprenticeship; Sandy Creek High Principal Dr. Darrell Evans to coordinator of athletics, safety and attendance (replacing Steve Greene who is going to J.C. Booth Middle); and Peeples Elementary Principal Erin Roberson to assistant director of human resources (an existing position left vacant when former assistant director, Linda Beaubien, was promoted to director of human resources).

A search to fill principal positions at Sandy Creek High, Peeples Elementary and Starr’s Mill High is underway.