Have a seat, take a ride, courtesy of government students


A Carl Vinson Management Development Program that allowed Fayette County government managers and supervisors a chance to improve their leadership skills has resulted in a community service program that provides car seats.

As part of Management Development Program, students were required to organize a community-based service project as a class.

After speaking with Luci Hough, Executive Director of the Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center, the class concluded that a “car seat” project would greatly assist th eorganization.  

The Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center (FPRC), is a non-profit organization that provides services solely through donations it receives from the community and sponsors.  The FPRC offers a variety of classes in order to educate their clients.

Hough expressed an interest in offering a car seat safety class, but the FPRC was in need of car seats in order to populate the classes. Those successfully completing a class would earn a car seat.

The government students assisted by providing car seats and enabling FPRC to have its first educational safety car seat class.

The class set-up three different types of fundraisers. 

The first fundraiser was a 50/50 raffle where half the proceeds would go towards the purchase of the car seats and the other half would go toward a drawing where one lucky winner would receive half the total amount collected.

The second fundraiser was a Go Fund Me account at http://www.gofundme.com/carseat.

The third fundraiser was an opportunity for supporters to make a direct cash donation for one new car seat or to contribute to the purchase of a car seat.

The total amount raised was $1,513 for the purchase of 31 car seats and 15 infant head support cushions. 

For more information about Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center or how to help purchase a car seat for future classes, contact Angela Weeks at 770-719-2288 or visit http://www.gofundme.com/carseat.  All proceeds will go to the purchase of a much needed car seat.

Those participating in the project are shown above. They are ( left to right, front row) Fire Chief Scott Blue; Barbara Lights; Angela Weeks (Fayette PRC); Luci Hough (Fayette PRC); Trina Barwicks; Chrissy Marlowe (Carl Vison Institute of Gov. Instructor); Michelle Huffstickler; Daphne Cousson; Carrie Gibby; (second row, left to right) Phil Frieder; Brent Foster and Trisha Orr.