What is the price of principle? Is money the only value?


Fayette County, is there nothing more important than money?

If someone visiting Fayette County or a new resident to our area were to read the letters in the Feb. 11 edition of The Citizen penned by Mr. Rigsby and by Ms. Learnard, they may be left thinking that in Peachtree City and Fayetteville only one thing really matters — $Dollars$.

The headline for Mr. Rigsby’s letter includes, “Focus on fiscal issues” and the body of that letter espouses that the Republican Party needs to not be involved in “social issues” but rather only concern themselves with fiscal health.

In his letter, Mr. Rigsby states that the GOP should not try to “fight against topics like gay marriage” because “the argument that the government can legislate cultural change is completely fallacious.”

I assume that Mr. Rigsby is a good man, but what is really fallacious is his logic.

The truth is that marriage is not a civil right but rather a civil and for many a religious contract. It is a contract that is NOT regulated by the federal government but by the many states’ laws. It is NOT the GOP that has worked for decades to change the definition of marriage; that was the Left.

The Republicans are not trying to legislate morals; to the contrary it is a Primary goal of Democrats to use the full force of the federal government to enact cultural and moral change. They have been helped by a corrupt media and lemming-like dishonest educators to spin the story to ignorant masses and gullible youth that if you believe in conservative ideals, you are the problem.

The message being repeated by many including Mr. Rigsby is that the Republicans need to focus on money and jobs and forget all of that social stuff. Really?

And what is to be the reply when the Left uses such focused fiduciary responsibility as a sword as they decry the heartlessness implicit when there is not the sufficient “equality” and “social justice”?

Then there is Ms. Learnard’s latest letter about the current and potential cost of continuing the fight against the dishonest use of the Civil Rights Act to impose district voting to ensure a Democrat seat on the BOE and the County Commission.

In her letter Ms. Learnard cites many numbers prefaced by dollar signs and states that “rational citizens” are left “wondering why we would continue to spend obscene amounts of our hard-earned tax dollars … with no guarantee of outcome.”

While I respect Ms. Learnard’s service on the Peachtree City Council and her views, I often disagree with her positions outside of city matters, and on this one again I and many citizens who absolutely consider themselves to be rational disagree with her argument for surrender.

Much in line with Mr. Rigsby’s thoughts, Ms. Learnard somehow suggests that we should ignore the dishonest and dishonorable tactics used by the NAACP to engineer our local society and that we all should just stop the nonsense and focus on the money.

This is not the first time she has written on this matter and she continues to say that history shows that we have little chance of prevailing.

But as I have replied previously, the most recent attempts by the NAACP in Georgia to force such changes were overturned on appeal. Never mind that in these very pages, people who were parties to the suit wrote after the original (improper) judicial decision that this was never really about race. If that is so, then why invoke racism and the Civil Rights Act to achieve the goal of Democrat seats? The ends justifies the means?

While I appreciate the pragmatism voiced in both Mr. Rigsby’s and Ms. Learnard’s letters, do honor and honesty no longer hold any value? Are we to teach our children that when outside forces come into your home town to change the rules or when any social minority demands that everyone bend to their desires, they should only stand against those forces if success is guaranteed and the cost is low enough, regardless of the wisdom or potential consequences of the change or the tactics employed by those change agents?

If David had lived by such a creed, Goliath would certainly have prevailed and the Jewish tribes would have perished in their youth. If our fathers had lived as such cowards, the Nazis would control all of Europe and the Japanese would own all of the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

I’m sure that sharia law won’t be so bad. Excuse the flavor of hyperbole, but I think you get the message.

Maybe those of us who believe that truth matters at least as much as money really are irrational, and we should simply lay down and allow whatever the elites in Washington, New York, and Hollywood deem correct for us to wash over us like a warm yellow stream.

At least we will have a few more bucks in our pockets (if they allow it), and anyway the stain left by that stream will match the stripe down our backs.

Alan Felts
Peachtree City, Ga.