Don’t forget new golf cart registration law


Changes to Fayette County regulations require golf cart owners in unincorporated areas to register their carts by Jan. 30.

The golf cart registration fee is $12 and is good for five years.

“The registration and application of the decals is very important for enforcement by way of identifying the vehicle in cases of misuse or theft,” said Fayette County Clerk Floyd L. Jones in a written reminder of the new requirment.

Golf cart owners who register with the county are not required to make a second registration with Tyrone or Fayetteville to use their carts there because of reciprocal agreements between the cities and the county governments.

However, unincorporated county owners must still register their carts a second time in Peachtree City if they want to use the carts there.

“Unfortunately, we are anticipating a problem with the unincorporated golf cart owners having to display a county decal and a city decal simultaneously because there may not be enough room on the body of the vehicle to accommodate it,” said Steve Brown, county commission chairman. “The decal numbers have to be clearly displayed and we are still hoping for a reciprocal agreement with Peachtree City to avoid having to affix multiple decals.”

Registrations are handled by the county Finance Department at 140 Stonewall Avenue, Suite 101, Fayetteville.

Proof of ownership is required for registration. For questions related to registration, please call (770) 305-5413.