Giving law enforcement a thumbs up


A local police department chaplain hopes Fayette County residents will participate in the national “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day” Friday and show their support of the county’s law enforcement agencies with a few simple gestures.

“There is an urgent need to show our nation’s law enforcement officers that the vast majority of our citizens appreciate their sacrifice and recognize the difficult and often impossible career they have chosen in public service to us all,” said Father Paul Massey, one of four volunteer chaplains with the Peachtree City Police Department.

Fayette County has four law enforcement agencies – the city police departments in Tyrone, Fayetteville and Peachtree City and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department.

Massey suggests a few simple actions that can make a big show of support to officers.

His list includes the following;
See a police officer, thank a police officer — a friendly thumbs up gesture, a wave and horn toot from your vehicle.
Deliver sealed store-purchased cake or cookies to the headquarters break room.
Send a thank you card to the department that can be posted on the office bulletin board.
Share a positive story about an officer on social media.
Have kids draw a colorful drawing about something a police officer might do to help someone. Drop it off at headquarters for the bulletin board.

“Few of us can imagine going to work each day and wondering whether or not we will live through our shift and see our family that night,” Massey said. “They know that every traffic stop can present a dangerous, even life threatening situation. Yet, they go to work anyway. Why? Because for the vast majority of officers it is not just a ‘job,’ it’s a ‘calling.’”
While police officers perform an invaluable service to their communities, Massey said, “the pay is low, the hours are terrible and there is little, if any, appreciation shown by those they serve.”