6 lives saved as fire destroys Coweta home


Jennifer Ososky and her three young children moved to southeast Coweta from Texas two years ago to make a new start. The young mother who grew up in Fayetteville will now make yet another start because, on Wednesday, the home she was renting burned to the ground. Yet the more important parts of her life – her children and her faith – were untouched by the fire.

Ososky on Thursday said there were six people in the house at the time of the fire. Two of Ososky’s three children, babysitter Angel Brown and her friend Jennifer Caldwell and her two children were in different parts of the house when the fire was discovered, Ososky explained while noting that her third child, a 6-year-old boy, was away at the time visiting with relatives.

Ososky’s 3-year-old son Hunter and 4-year-old daughter Kinsley were asleep. Caldwell and her children were in other areas of the house. One of Caldwell’s children at one point went into the garage and found a fire burning on top of an air hockey table, Ososky said.

The child alerted Caldwell, who rushed to the backyard to grab a hose, then ran to the garage only to find that the fire had grown to approximately 15 feet in diameter, Ososky said. The fire spread quickly, first engulfing the garage then spreading to the adjacent playroom, into Ososky’s bedroom then into the attic, she said.

Seeing how quickly the fire was spreading, Caldwell and Brown hurried to round up the children, evacuated the house then called 911, Ososky said, adding that she got the early afternoon call while at work in Newnan and arrived at home to find the result of the fire’s fury – a house destroyed by the flames.

“Jennifer and Angel got the kids out and everyone was accounted for,” Ososky said Thursday with a very upbeat voice. “The only thing that could be salvaged were some of the boys’ clothes and a few photos.”

Circumstances in Texas led Ososky to move to Coweta County where she works with family at Southern Scapes Tree and Outdoor Services.

“I left everything behind in Texas. What I had here wasn’t much but it was mine,” Ososky said. “The kids lost everything once and to see it happen again is heartbreaking.”

Ososky and her kids are currently staying with relatives.

And while the fire burned her personal possessions, there is much more to the story of Jennifer Ososky. Even a brief conversation with Ososky quickly reveals that her spirit, her outlook and her faith were clearly untouched by the flames.

Ososky said Wings and Things in Fayetteville is taking donations on her behalf and Fayette Self-Storage is providing a rental unit for donations.

Ososky’s friend Jessica Waldrop set up a donations page at http://www.gofundme.com/a8fup4 to help with the family’s needs.

Speaking of her friend, Waldrop said she was heartbroken for Ososky and her children.

“However, at the same time I am in awe of her courageous spirit accepting these challenges and seeing the blessing in a tragedy. I love her so much and I truly am honored to be her best friend. I continue to be amazed at the strength she has in herself and in God,” Waldrop said.

Waldrop can be reached for donations at 770-990-9519.