King: In defense of Kim Learnard


Ms. Smithfield: A rebuttal.

Your assertion that it was [Councilwoman Kim] Learnard who is responsible for our council’s moment of silence is totally baseless.

In fact, it was my suggestion that we have this moment to allow all in attendance to quietly ask guidance of their deity prior to the Pledge of Allegiance.

I did this because I feel one’s religion is personal, and I see no need to display one’s religion over another.

If you’re looking to cast blame, I’m your target. To date, council has received only one public comment on the change and it was to thank us.

Regarding the commission winning awards, leaders don’t take credit, they give it. Its high time public officials understood this basic tenet of leadership, and it would seem to me that far too much credit is being taken for little to no involvement.

Peachtree City being beset by sexual harassment instances: I know of two and they were promptly addressed; would you please be a tad more specific?

Granted, the FCDA is a part of Fayette County and funded by taxpayer funds, but please understand that it is and will remain an autonomous organization until such time as the commissioners defund it or the state of Georgia changes the law to make it subservient to the Board of Commissioners. Does it not seem odd that members of two city councils were aware of the tax abatements and none of the commissioners were?

Prior to Pinewood, the tax liability of the Pinewood property was agricultural and the school acreage was tax exempt, so even with the abatements, don’t the citizens of Fayette County stand to gain substantially more revenue?

Hint: Your very own county administrator admitted publicly that the project would have been approved in any case, which makes all the vitriol coming from you and others of your ilk nothing more than political angst.

Finally, your statement regarding the political infighting within my city council is both preposterous and capricious. I only ask that you reference Mr. Imker’s most recent letter to this paper.

Mike King, Post 2
Peachtree City Council
Peachtree City, Ga.