Teacher defends Sandy Creek H.S.


I am disappointed at the shot the author of the “Fayette’s soon-to-be inner city school” letter took at Sandy Creek High School alleging certain behavior problems at the school.

I am a history teacher at Sandy Creek with 20 years of teaching experience in Georgia. I have also taught at McIntosh High School and at Westlake High School.

While every school I have worked in has different students, different demographics, and different performance, they share common truths. There will always be some students who get in trouble, but the vast majority of our students are good kids.

I noticed the letter writer does not once mention contacting a teacher, principal, or administrator to address the problems they imagine are occurring at our school.

I am in the halls of our school, and the REAL facts are overwhelming that there are good things happening at Sandy Creek.

We are the pilot of the seven-period day that increases class offerings, during the school day, to allow students to be more competitive for college.

As the writer intimates, the athletics program has accumulated multiple state championships, produced world-class athletes, and shaped responsible citizens. They also are THE most academically and vocationally diverse school I have ever worked in.

There is literally a place for every type of student at Sandy Creek to excel: athletics, to Mock Trial, to DECA, and Skills USA. Just check out the results on the school’s website.

The reality is that this “concerned parent” doesn’t really know what is happening at our school every day. Because if they did, they would tell you that 99 percent of the student athletes that I have taught at Sandy Creek and other schools are usually the most well-behaved students as they understand the coaches will support the teachers.

Please stop me any time and ask me what it is like at Sandy Creek. Unlike the writer who felt so strongly about what is happening at Sandy Creek to not even sign their name to their letter, I am happy to sign mine.

Jennifer Sullivan, history teacher
Sandy Creek High School
Tyrone, Ga.