Independent voter: Give me positive solutions


In response to Irene Cheyne’s letter [July 11], I am in total agreement to the unpatriotic, rude behavior of the crowd attending the Peachtree City 4th of July parade.

It was embarrassing for me to explain to my young granddaughters why people were yelling hateful remarks at the volunteers in the parade.

More disturbing was to hear little ones join in with their parents when they started booing. What do these people think they’re teaching their children? It is not Christian … it is not American.

As a child, I was taught , you can disagree with the man in office, but you certainly should respect the office of United States President.

I want to make it clear I am NOT a Democrat nor a Republican. I now call myself an Independent. Years ago, I had a party affiliation, but since Nixon, I have been totally disenchanted with the whole political system.

I’m tired of listening to the same campaign message with the same promises, same solutions followed by the same mud-slinging, half-truths.

After election Americans are waiting for that “promised change” but within a year or two, voters start to face the reality that there are no quick fixes and there are limitations even to the man they voted into office. But of course, it’s ALWAYS the other party’s fault. The blame game continues for another four year.

I have voted both Republican and Democratic tickets but I can’t remember the last time I was truly excited about a candidate.

Just once I would love to hear a POSITIVE campaign with SOLUTIONS. Just once I would love to see Democrats and Republicans work together, regardless of who is in office, for the good of the American people.

Just once, when I hear a candidate say he’s going to change things, let him tell me HOW he’s going to change things , DO it and give us back our trust.

God bless America … we certainly need it.

Mary Ann Wakefield

Peachtree City, Ga.