Ognio: I will be independent, voting for you


My name is Randy Ognio and I’m running for county commissioner Post 3.

I am qualified to be your next County Commissioner, and I am asking for your vote this month. I am a business owner of a business here in the county. As President of B&O Electric Company for the past 27 years I have dealt with budgets employees and payroll. I work with government requirements in every aspect from taxes to OSHA requirements on a daily basis.

If voted to represent you, I will run the County Commission with a business like aspect.

So, how am I involved in the Community? What has the incumbent opponent done for the county that he has not been paid to do? What has my other opponent done for the County?

My wife Denise and I chose to move to Fayette County in 1993 with 2 small kids and one on the way because of the rural atmosphere and quality schools. We celebrated 27 years of marriage this year. Two of our children graduated from WHS, and one from Starr’s Mill HS. We live on the south end of the county and are members of Woolsey Baptist Church.

Since moving to Fayette County over 19 years ago, I’ve coached Little League baseball in Brooks, worked Brooks baseball fields, furnishing equipment and time to help put in a sprinkler system in Brooks. I coached Soccer in PTC. I helped head up a fundraiser for WHS Soccer Program, raising funds for netting around the HS soccer practice fields. We used my company bob cat and bucket truck to get the job done. This project raised approximately $20,000 helping jump start the soccer Booster Club.

For the last two years, I’ve been attending and addressing the Board of Commissioners. While one doesn’t have to attend these meetings, I feel it is very important to not just read about what is going on, but to get involved with and learn the history as to WHY things are going on.

Of course my incumbent opponent attends because he gets paid to attend. The part that worries me is this: The incumbent seems to always vote in a voting block with two others so often they have been dubbed as the Three Amigos.

If elected as your County Commissioner I will vote as an independent voter, voting for the best interests of the Community and the people.

It has been said through blogs … well, Ognio must be a Brown vote partner. Not true. I will be voting for you! David Barlow has done a fine job videoing meeting after meeting and if you view these you will see that many times I side against Steve Brown rather than with him on issues.

My goal, if elected will be to vote as an individual member of the board, voting for the best interest of the Citizens.

Lastly, I’ve seen the text my incumbent opponent is sending out concerning my qualifications, as well as stating the other opponent voted Democrat in the 2008 primary.

I am a conservative Republican voter who has voted Republican since I was 18 unlike my opponent who voted Democrat ticket in 2008.

I am not a career government employee like my incumbent opponent. However, I have worked in the construction field in one way or another as long as I can remember. With my parents owning their own business for over 50 years, and myself learning the Electrical Industry, and now as business owner of my own Electrical Company, I’m definitely qualified to do the job, and I’m ready to go to work for you.

I hope this clarifies some of your questions, and if you have others please do not hesitate to contact me,

Randy Ognio