Reader takes issue with The Citizen’s columnists


Yesterday’s Citizen ran three columns touting them as “thought provoking.” There was one by Walter E. Williams, another by William Murchison and a third by Thomas Sowell. All three are copyrighted by, a group of writers representing both conservative and liberal viewpoints. Unfortunately only the right-wing ideologues ever appear in The Citizen. It would be refreshing to open the paper one day and find a balanced perspective in the Opinion page.

As usual, all three columnists wrote articles intended to convince the readers of the superiority of the conservative viewpoint and the inferiority of the liberal viewpoint.

Mr. Walter E. Williams points out that corporate taxes are ultimately paid by corporation employees therefore corporations should not be taxed as ultimately the workers will pay them.

This is so outrageously false that only the most gullible will believe it. Corporate taxes are paid on corporate profits which is what remains of revenues after all expenses are paid. Not much of the profits of a company find their way into the hands of employees unless they happen to be stock holders or will receive bonuses.

In fact, corporate taxes are paid by the consumer and properly should be. It’s not quite that simple, however, but the idea that employees would be the beneficiaries of less corporate taxes is folly.

Mr. William Murchison wonders why better quality candidates do not run for president. He believes that the reason is that liberal main stream journalists relentlessly attack conservative candidates exposing them to unfair and prejudicial criticism.

It seems to me that the current field of Republican candidates are pretty much their own worst enemies. I don’t think the press has done them nearly as much damage as they have done to themselves. Clearly they are not the best of America, but if you had to sell your soul to Grover Norquist and the Tea Party to get elected, would you run?

Only the most ambitious and opportunistic are willing to subject themselves to the rigors of the campaign trail.

Murchison is really trying to discredit journalists who are attacking Herman Cain for his alleged sexual harassment of female fellow employees at the National Restaurant Association.

Inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace is a fact of life and unfortunately not at all uncommon. However, most of us do not want a person who is guilty of this offense to hold the highest office in the land.

I think it is unfair to say that only conservative candidates are accused of offenses like this. President Bill Clinton had the distinct displeasure to suffer the loathing of the multitudes for inappropriate sexual behavior. I cannot recall the liberal press cutting him any slack.

Misters Williams and Murchison were pathetically inane, but Mr. Thomas Sowell takes the cake by arguing that the real scandal is not Herman Cain’s behavior toward women, but “the law, the media and politics.” He would have us believe that the law is responsible because it allows what he calls “frivolous” law suits to go forward even though they lack merit.

I think he means the complaints against him didn’t amount to much. He alleges that the mainstream liberal media is at fault because it reports the news even though it may not be true.

I could be wrong, but I think settlements like his occur in order to avoid publicly embarrassing lawsuits. He blames “politics” also, although he really does not give any reasons.

Mr. Sowell seems to think everything and everybody is responsible for the Cain scandal except Mr. Cain. Sooner or later the truth always emerges and we will find out exactly what Mr. Cain did or did not do.

I think inappropriate sexual behavior is, and should be, a relevant campaign issue. The public has a right to be informed about the character of a presidential candidate.

Mr. Sowell does his very best to muddy the water, but in the end his efforts will be in vain. The truth will emerge and the voters will decide who to believe.

What is repugnant is that Mr. Sowell would make arguments that are not relevant in order to distract his readers from the real issue. Is Mr. Herman Cain a sexual bully or is he not? Can we believe his denials?

Mr. Sowell goes so far as to attack the credibility of the accusers. He assumes that the veracity of women is in question. He also obliquely blames the victims. We’ll see.

What we do know is that several female employees received monetary settlements upon leaving the National Restaurant Association after complaining about inappropriate behavior on Mr. Cain’s part. I personally would like to know the truth. If he is guilty why wasn’t he fired? Was there a cover-up?

This is not a private matter anymore. The man is running for the office of President of the United States. Questions regarding his character are appropriate.

David Browning

Peachtree City, Ga.