Steve Allen not serious about PTC Council


Candidate Allen attacks Councilman Imker in an Oct. 18 letter charging that Imker “did not vote to fund” a records management system for the Peachtree City Police Department.

Researching this claim took under an hour to learn that this $250,000 expense was never submitted to Council vote. City management determined the current system was adequate. Neither Imker nor the mayor, or any other council member voted on this issue. Allen’s accusation is baseless.

In the same letter Allen charges that Councilman Imker voted to replace only 9 of 10 police cars. Again with only a few minutes of research, I learned there are about 50 police vehicles on duty and these 10 had the highest mileage; a reduction of one will not reduce police coverage.

What research have you done, Mr. Allen, to understand how to optimize the taxpayers’ investment?

Mr. Allen, City Council members must make a serious effort to understand the issues for the hard choices needed to prioritize taxpayer expenditures. This involves a responsibility to do your homework.

To date you have made inaccurate accusations, presented conflicting information, and only offered to the voter such generalities as increased home values, business development, or quality of life.

Never once have you offered any insight as to how these motherhood and apple pie political positions will be accomplished or funded. What is your plan?

Mr. Allen, if you fail to do your homework on the campaign trail, what do the taxpayers get if you are elected?

Randy Boyett

Peachtree City, Ga.