PTC Councilman Imker draws jeers for budget stands


I voted for Don Haddix because of his campaign promises and how he handled his agenda when he was a council member. The other council members, Fleisch, Learnard and Imker, also made and projected similar agendas during their campaigns and so being somewhat like-minded, I thought, I also voted for them.

The latter three, however, have proven to be a big disappointment on many levels. In particular, Mr. Imker.

First, Imker pledged, “No tax increase,” yet authored a 1.25 percent tax increase. He claimed, “… it will even out with the decreases in the rest of the tax bill.”

Well, my property tax went up even though my home value went down. It did for my neighbors as well.

I asked Imker at his Town Hall [meeting], why he broke his promise? His excuse: He had no choice.

Sure seems to me that if he voted “No,” it would have forced him and the other two to do something else.

Really, think about it. He wants to spend over $4 million in reserves and do THREE more tax increases, but of course, not next year. I’m sure it isn’t because of it being an election year!

He calls that a plan?

I think Haddix is right-on about ARC and the T-SPLOST, Three Rivers, the DOT, County Development Authority and, yes, Imker.

Even Scott Bradshaw, who use to be on our Development Authority and left when the old Authority was not doing what it should, is a supporter of funding the current authority.

Now Imker and his other two cohorts want to censure the mayor for disagreeing with them? What is going on here? Seems THEY don’t want the truth out on anything; they just want to be heard and believed.

My gosh, people, if this isn’t election year shenanigans, I don’t know what is. They want to keep their strangle hold on the council and our city.

As I called them in the past, the Pelosi, Boxer and Reed of the Peachtree City City Council.

If they are uncomfortable dealing with this political situation, they should resign.

Hearing Imker talk about what he will do the next two years means to me he needs to be voted out.

Do I need to remind all you readers about yet another broken promise of his?

He said he only had two years to get it right because he would not run for a second term.

Michael Posey

Peachtree City, Ga.