Add color to your yard with Carol’s Green Thumb


Spring is here! Celebrate by splashing your yard with color surrounded by a lush green lawn. 

You do not have to spend a lot of money to have your spring and summer in color.

Behind any successful small business is an extraordinary person and Carol’s Green Thumb is no exception. Carol Gilbert has a proven ability with 27 years in the landscaping business.

Carol’s Green Thumb is a family owned business with Gilbert’s husband, Derek, and son, Chad, running the maintenance department. They have the knowledge to manage healthy landscapes year-round. If you invest in landscaping your yard, you owe it to your yard to maintain it. Carol’s Green Thumb also has a remarkable, long time crew with superior customer service and communication skills. 

Their spring landscaping services allow their customers to maintain a stunning landscape by repairing the damages of the winter and preparing their landscape for summer.

Gilbert’s specialty is color, she herself is a vibrant, caring professional with a whimsical touch.

“We will provide our customers with an inexpensive way to add variety and long lasting color to your landscape” said Gilbert. Spring/summer flowering trees and shrubs are the gift that keeps on giving year after year. Lift your spirits with spring and summer flowers. “Even if you would like to do the smallest bed or splash of flowers it will make you feel good when you drive up in your driveway or put some fragrant flowers at your doorstep,” Gilbert added.

Carol’s Green Thumb is a complete lawn maintenance and landscaping company, locally owned and operated for the last 27 years. They are licensed and insured, do residential and commercial work. Carol’s Green Thumb offers reasonable rates, great references and free estimates. You can call Carol Gilbert at 770-461-0514.