How do you know if your tree is diseased?


As the owner and operator of Southern Scapes Tree & Outdoor Services I am here to help you figure out what could possibly be a diseased and dangerous tree in your yard or even over your house.

There are five indicators to help you diagnose your tree. Dead wood would be an obvious indicator. It will look dry and lifeless but most importantly it breaks very easily which makes it a safety hazard.

Cracks and cankers can also help you better understand your tree. Cracks are deep slits in the bark which usually means a tree is failing and cankers are holes in the bark which can increase the chance of a stem breaking.

Having weak branch unions could also cause havoc to your home and yard. When two branches grow closely together the bark will grow between them and that makes the branch not completely connected to the tree.

If you notice fungi on your tree it could be from decay. Decay is harder to indicate because it happens from the inside out but looking for fungus is a good hint.

Your trees architecture can tell a whole story. If it’s lopsided or leaning it’s usually caused by severe storms or improper pruning.

Recently my son Jackson was born and now I stress the importance of safety to all of my customers. Never hesitate to call if you think one of your trees may be a hazard to your house or family. A life is too precious to just assume your yard is a safe zone.

I give free estimates to all customers and also offer discounts to military and senior citizens.

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