Police reports, Oct. 19-25, 2010


The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the past week. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty:

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office
Tuesday, Oct. 19 – Monday, Oct. 25
Elihu Adony Bonilla, 25, of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Atlanta, for probation violation.
Erica Shavonn Brown, 27, of Registry Boulevard, Hampton, for probation violation.
Kenneth Courtland Burton, 33, of Podwer Springs Road, Marietta, for no license.
Phyoncia Sharyae Gresham, 20, of Center Street, Atlanta, for pending charges sale of marijuana.
Demorio Antonne Jackson, 30, of Church Street, Atlanta, for pending charges sale of marijuana.
Vecory Anzada King, 30, of Saline Court, Stockbridge, for suspended licenes and brake light violation.
Alton Antonio Mitchell, 24, of Frasier Street, Atlanta, for pending charges state drug law violation.
Keri Lynn Nance, 20, of Carrie Court, Carrollton, for battery-family violence.
Russell Lydell Smith, 40, of Ga. Highway 138, Union City, for violation of unemployment security law.
Christopher Gordon Chaplin, 37, of North Bend Court, Jonesbro, for DUI alcohol, DUI less ssafe, stop sign violation and lane violation.
Thomas Reginald Dorsey, 41, of Heather Ridge, Fayetteville, for theft by deception.
James Rayford Garner, 50, of Snead Road, Fayetteville, for pending charges simple battery.
Mignon Sherinas Humphries, 28, of Crestwood Drive, Atlanta, for probation violation.
Joseph Brandon Mark, 30, of Joy Springs, Road, Senoia, for probation violation.
Kristen Elizabeth Truesdale, 22, of Silvermere, Fayetteville, for charges pending simple battery, obstructing 911, obstructing officer and interference with goverment property.
Shawn Michelle Danfoth, 41, of Steele Drive, Atlanta, for deposit account fraud.
Tiffanie Renita Ivy, 36, of Stafford Street, Atlanta, for probation violation.
Laquisha Brianne Jameson, 28, of Shannon Chase Drive, Union City, for pending charges possession of cocaine, robbery and open container.
Sharee Lynise Lake-Hughes, 24, of Larrock Court, Jonesboro, for pending charges seatbelt violation, open container, forgery and possession of Ecstacy.
Leon J.C. Ousley,36, of Pine Street, Atlanta, for pending charges open container and battery-family violence.
Edward Franklin Smith, 60, of Briers Road, Fayetteville, for failure to appear.

Fayetteville Police
Jenny Gomez Perez, 26, of Sandune Drive, Norcross, for wanted person (Hall County) and traffic offense.
Jason Wayne Brazier, 35, of Forrest Drive, Palmetto, for shoplifting.
Tiffany Marie Villarreal, 27, of Pelham Court, Fayetteville, for DUI and traffic offenses (5).
Jeremy Lamarus Maddox, 25, of Bridle Path, Conyers, for traffic offenses (3), carrying weapon prohibited by felon and wanted person (Fayette and Coweta counties).
Tyrone D. Bealer, 37, of Cottage Stream Lane, Spring, Texas, for wanted person (College Park) and traffic offense.
Deborah Darlene Guest, 55, of Evans Way, Fayetteville, for possession of cocaine, loitering and possessin of drug-related objects.
Clifford Jacoby Beck, 27, of North Creek Trail, Jonesboro, for wanted person (Spalding County).
Leon Redding, 23, of Meadowbrook Court, Fayetteville, for obstruction, traffic offenses (2) and wanted person (Fayette County).
Courtney Jenee Long, 26, of Wesldy Club Drive, Decatur, for traffic offenses (2).
Grady Alton Brantley, Jr., 44, of Garden Walk Boulevard, College Park, for giving false name, traffic offenses (2), obstruction and wanted person (multiple jurisdictions).
Tiffany Denise Troupe, 31, of Volusia Street, Tallahassee, Fla., for hit and run and wanted person (Camilla).
Mary Elizabeth Warren, 43, of Dayna Drive, Collee Park, for traffic offenses (3).
Richard Vincent Rivers, 21, of Circle Drive, Fayetteville, for traffic offense (2) and interfering with police.
Morgan Briatina Clark, 18, of Roy Hue Road, Riverdale, for possession of alcohol by a minor.
juvenile, 13, Riverdale, loitering and curfew violation.
juvenile, 14, Jonesboro, for loitering and curfew violation.
juvenile, 13, Jonesboro, for loitering and curfew violation.
juvenile, 14, Riverdale, for loitering and curfew violation.

Peachtree City Police
Guy B. Davis, 64, of Waldrop Place, Decatur, for suspended license and seatblet violation.
Placido Tirso-Serafin, 22, of Shaw Road, Sharpsburg, for no license and improper left turn.
Ronald Gibson, 31, of Midland Park Lane, Newnan, for no license.
Kenneth A. Thorsen, 42, of Henley Way, Peachtree City, for DUI, open container, resisting an officer, suspended license and brake light requirements.
Connie P. Smith, 42, of Lynnwood Avenue, Tyrone, for probation violation.
Corey D. Arrington, 32, of Peachtree Station Circle, for theft by receiving.
Samuel L. Camp, 59, of King’s Ridge Drive, Peachtree City, for failure to maintain lane, DUI and seatbelt violation.
Terry L. Matheson, 39, of Couch Street, Senoia, for probation violation.
Richard K. Dobbs, 35, of Fellowship Drive, Fairburn, for fraud (4 counts).
Leland R. Wesson, 21, of Ridgefield Drive, Peachtree City, giving false name, criminal trespass and simple battery.
Christian Sutters, 41, of Mt. Walter Court, Lawrenceville, for financial identity fraud.
Timothy Bedgood, 39, of Cornwallace Way, Fayetteville, for suspended license, no insurance and resisting an officer.