Sandy Creek SkillsUSA members win awards at national fair


Members of the SkillsUSA Georgia chapter at Sandy Creek High proved that they are champions during the annual Champions Rally at the Georgia National Fair in Perry Oct. 8.

The school’s chapter brought home four awards, including a first place victory in Chapter T-shirt Design. Each year SkillsUSA Chapters create t-shirts that show off their chapter spirit. The t-shirts were judged on creativity and visual appeal; every member had to wear their chapter t-shirt to the SkillsUSA day at the fair as part of the judging criteria.

As the first place winner, the chapter’s t-shirt will be on display through the duration of the fair, which ends on Oct. 17.

A fourth place award was earned in Chapter Banner Design. Students were charged with designing a banner that promoted chapter pride and unity while focusing on the SkillsUSA vision and mission.

A fifth place award was achieved in Pathway Poster Design. The objective of this competition was to create a poster that accurately represents the career pathways incorporated into SkillsUSA (architecture, construction, communication, transportation, public safety, and cosmetology).
Additionally, the chapter won fifth place for Overall Outstanding Chapter.

Last month chapter members earned Statesman Awards at the 2010 SkillsUSA Georgia Fall Conference. Colin Westover was one of 25 statewide members who made a perfect score on the Statesman Award test, an evaluation of a participant’s knowledge about SkillsUSA facts, history, programs, and ceremonies. Both Bria Carmichael and Jonathan Strickland were among 105 statewide members earning Statesman Awards by passing the test with an 85 percent or higher.

The fall conference allowed members the opportunity to increase their leadership abilities, professionalism, community service, and the skill to be a greater champion in their chosen career pathway. Sandy Creek’s Addie Davis was among the eight-member State Officer Team that organized the conference’s activities.

SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization of students, teachers and industry, working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. SkillsUSA helps high school and college students enrolled in career and technical education programs to excel by teaching employability skills such as communication, problem solving, and leadership in conjunction with their trade, technical and service occupations skills.