Smith stands for the people


The best criteria for a candidate seeking public office should be the same criteria to use for a candidate to run a successful business: i.e.; their history of accomplishing established objectives while maintaining a balanced budget.

If successful at their jobs, the candidate for either position is a good manager. A good “manager” talks with, listens to, and responds to their customers by meeting their needs and/or solving their problems.

Some candidates for the job want to run the business for their own benefit, at the customer’s expense. They survive by telling their customers a story that in some way promises a benefit, but then fails to meet the true needs or address the problems of the customer. Are they “of, for, and by the people,” or are they focused on self? Which manager do you want to serve you ?

Government agencies and businesses throughout the U.S. are based on the democratic, capitalistic principles established by our founding fathers … “of, for, and by the people.”

And if you are a taxpayer, you are a true owner, a shareholder of our U.S., state, and local governments’ businesses. On top of that, “the people,” the U.S., state and local government taxpayers, are the customers of the government too, its services, and its economy.

The taxes you pay provide the operating capital for the services our government agencies provide. And as the taxpayer (i.e., business owner) you are responsible for hiring the right manager for the job of running your business. Work history should be your primary basis for selection. You should do some research on the candidates’ past actions. Do not take what you hear and read for granted. Both can be very wrong.

When it comes time to select a candidate to manage any business or any government office, don’t select the one that speaks loudly to criticize their opponent and promises a change. That’s why we have the problems our federal government is forcing on us today. Look for a history of results. The success of your government agencies will depend on its management ability and experience.

Some of the posters around Fayette County say: “Take it back.” Take it back to what? Back to when our county had lower taxes, but we only had a few in law enforcement and fire fighting, only a couple of grocery stores in town, a couple of traffic lights in the city limits, no hospital, few doctors. Do you really want to live in the past?

We’ve only lived in Fayette County for 25 years. We moved here because it had a rural, small-town atmosphere, unlike most other metro Atlanta counties. We’re not happy with all the changes it’s been through, but we’ve sure glad we moved here versus the alternatives in metro Atlanta. And we’ve been able to take advantage of many of the changes too.

The future will always bring change. And there will always be some problems with the changes. We just want the changes to be managed and controlled “of, for and by the people,” so we can enjoy the changes, and not just be taxed for the expense of things that the majority of Fayette County citizens do not want.

Remember, you are in charge of the hiring process for those that will manage our government and its affect on our community. Success depends on your choices for who can run the government’s business with your best interest in mind. Pick the one(s) with the best history of success, not the one(s) that just promise change.

In our last national election, the majority voted for “change,” and both the national government and some business enterprises alike did take it back, back to the conditions of a depression with stagnant business growth and high unemployment.

Your vote reflects your desire for success of your business, your government. And after the election, don’t just accept what the government deals out to you. Let your feelings be know to those in charge. If you’re pleased, let them know. If you’re unhappy, let them know.

And go a step further. Give them specifics on what needs to be fixed and offer your ideas for solutions. Their job is to serve “of, for and by the people.” You won’t get all you want, but if you’re in the majority, you can help make it happen.

We support Jack Smith for County Commission because he has more than 25 years experience running a successful business as a CPA that services the people, and a full term as chairman of the Fayette County Commission that services the people.

Some of his actions in the County Commission have raised concerns by a few unhappy Fayette County citizens. And if you share these concerns, you should do some investigation to find out why Jack took the actions. You’ll likely find that he’s only done what he was elected to do … take actions that the majority of the Fayette County citizens voted for. He’s managing the county like a successful business, “of, for, and by the people.”

Bob Carroll

Fayetteville, Ga.