Brown has facts on his side


When I moved to PTC in 2003, Mayor Brown was running for a second term. The letters in the paper from the developer crowd made me think he was not a very capable mayor, and did little right. Boy, was I wrong!

The special interest group prevailed, the mayor lost, and the city continues to suffer from it. Going forward I personally will form my own opinion by checking each candidate for their honesty and principles. Say what you mean and do what you say. The election for commissioner gives each of us a chance to check out each candidate and draw our own conclusion.

Check this out:

1. Incumbent Jack Smith says taxes were lower during the Mayor Logsdon’s term than when Brown was mayor. Not true, and you can call the city to verify. Not only did the taxes go up under Logsdon, but so did all the city’s fees.

2. Smith says Brown lost millions in sales tax. Not true, call the city finance office; the sales tax revenue increased every year in the decade except for 2009 and most likely 2010.

3. Smith and Maxwell say the West Bypass is a mandate, a must do, no other choice. Not true, and the people don’t want our money wasted on a road to nowhere. They CHOSE the “road to nowhere” over a list of other unfunded SPLOST projects. The developers win; we lose.

4. Then Smith and Maxwell said that projects could be changed but only county to county, not county to city or city to county. This can be verified by and viewing the video of the forum.

The problem is they are being misleading and I asked Commissioner Maxwell to stop the bypass and give part of the SPLOST money to the cities. He said that could not be done and he had gotten a legal opinion concerning this matter. I called the county for a copy of the legal opinion and was unable to receive one because none exists.

The cities in Walton County returned SPLOST money to the county to aid in paying down debt service, not building roads, not bridges but debt service. (“SPLOST funds to be returned to county” The Walton Tribune, Jan. 17, 2010; Google it).

The county and cities in Walton were talking to each other and did exactly what needed to be done. This proves what Commissioner Maxwell said is wrong and that the funds from the West Fayetteville Bypass can be used for other purposes, even city SPLOST projects.

Honesty is not a half truth; representing the people should not be just a phrase. It’s time to get Brown and McCarty in there working for you the people with honesty and principles and not serve the special interest groups. Please vote, it is important, but regardless of whom you vote for, check them out.

Ray Watt

Peachtree City, Ga.