PTC’s Logsdon drops out of Ga. insurance commissioner’s race after cancer diagnosis


Former Peachtree City Mayor Harold Logsdon said today he has withdrawn from the race to be Georgia’s insurance commissioner following a recent diagnosis of prostate cancer and the likelihood of surgery.

“I really considered delaying surgery until after the primary,” Logsdon said, adding that family members didn’t voice many objections, “but I could see it in their eyes.”

“After sleeping on it, I thought: you know, I need to go ahead and do this,” Logsdon said. “… I had to think of my family and myself first.”

Logsdon said he is expected to make a full recovery.

Recuperating from surgery would most likely have kept Logsdon off the campaign trail for three weeks, he said. The timing was bad in large part, he said, because his campaign was gaining momentum.

“I have no numbers to back that up, but the responses were getting much more positive and people were showing a lot more interest,” Logsdon said.

The former Peachtree City mayor expressed thanks for his “great supporters,” particularly those who pledged their financial support. He specifically said he is not ruling out a future run for public office, but there are no specific plans at this point beyond addressing the prostate cancer, which he was diagnosed with Friday.

“You never know what the Lord’s planning for you,” Logsdon said. “I’m sure there’ll be something out there and I’ll understand it later.”

Logsdon has made no endorsements of remaining candidates in the race.

— additional reporting by John Munford