Options for men with erectile dysfunction


A man’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection depends on the healthy operation of a network of systems that cause vascular tissue to fill with blood. Erectile dysfunction (ED) in men can be associated with a wide variety of underlying medical and psychological conditions including diabetes, excess weight, anxiety, surgery or injury.

We’ve all seen advertisements for “the little blue pill” that is used to treat this condition. A lot of men have found this treatment course successful. However, for many men, the pill does not work effectively. There are over 200 medications and many surgical procedures which can cause erectile dysfunction that can mean that medications like Sildenafil Citrate “Viagra” are neither appropriate nor effective. Studies show that 30 to 40 percent of men tested do not find medication helpful.

Many options are available for men when medications like Viagra or Cialis are not appropriate. Vacuum systems have been proven to provide effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Vacuum systems have very few disadvantages while offering treatment success and avoids the side effects associated with Viagra class medications.

Vacuum erection systems can be purchased that are manual as well as battery powered. Most systems consist of an airtight tube, pump, and ring. This system creates a vacuum and allows blood to fill the vascular tissue. The ring is used to slow the release of blood flow to maintain the erection and is not painful. Vacuum systems are generally effective, safe, and can be used as often as needed. Vacuum systems can be purchased over-the-counter and several systems have been qualified for insurance coverage by many insurance plans including Medicare.

The first course of action is to talk to your healthcare provider about these systems and their potential benefit for your condition. Freedom Medical offers several vacuum erection systems and can work with both you and your doctor to determine the best solution for your condition.

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