Take the smart approach for SAT/ACT test prep


Today, it is almost necessary for college-bound students to arm themselves with ample preparation time and specialized instruction before attempting to take the SAT or ACT.  With the flurry of new and unusual preparation methods stepping in and out of the market, it becomes challenging to understand the value of each method and decide on the best one to invest in.

Most teenagers have probably caught some recent “buzz” about quick fixes for SAT and ACT prep – with everything from flashy DVDs to lessons delivered via iPod promising success in record time. Of course it all sounds exciting, and of course every student wants to get prepared as soon as possible, but in truth there is no substitute for a personalized program of instruction with support from dedicated instructors who have a track record of success.
This is the driving force behind local Huntington Learning Center’s SAT and ACT test preparation programs. In sharp contrast to the broad array of test-prep books, videos, software and group instruction courses that typically utilize a mass market approach, Peachtree City Huntington educators have demonstrated subject matter knowledge and a unique ability to address the specific needs of each student. The programs are designed to significantly strengthen subject matter knowledge, build confidence, and improve test-taking skills. One-to-one sessions are offered during the day, after school, and on weekends to be flexible to the scheduling needs of each student.

“The impact of one-on-one instruction from a teacher with deep knowledge of the subjects that are being tested – and proven experience in imparting that knowledge – is irrefutable,” said Susan Sassic, operator of Huntington Learning Center of Peachtree City, located at 2781 West Highway 54. “The students who follow this approach gain well-deserved confidence in their mastery of the material and in their test-taking skills.”
Students begin with a diagnostic assessment to measure existing skills and knowledge gaps that are critical to SAT and ACT success. During the instructional process they also take real SAT and ACT exams on an ongoing basis to ensure they are mastering the material and improving their test-taking abilities. For students who need a stronger foundation in the basic mathematics, reading and language arts knowledge that’s critical for success on these exams, Huntington can draw on more than 650 pieces of supplemental curriculum.

Huntington’s SAT and ACT instructors undergo a rigorous training program that assesses and documents each individual’s mastery of the subject matter. To earn certification through Huntington, the instructors must also demonstrate excellent teaching skills and a deep understanding of the skills needed to score well on the tests.

Specialized one-to-one exam prep instruction is offered year-round to allow students to pace themselves and take the test at one of the most opportunistic times throughout the school year.  Sassic notes that when time prevails there are some advantages to taking the test in January or March as opposed to other more popular months such as October or June.  Balancing the time to take the test among other academic demands can make a difference in test scores.

For more information on Huntington Learning Center of Peachtree City, or its SAT and ACT prep courses, please contact Susan Sassic at 770-632-7336.