Possible solution to Fayette tax shortages


Let’s not worry about raising taxes, but let’s go back to the voters and give them the option of changing how our educational SPLOST funds are to be spent.

Technology is great, but with a few changes we can solve our county’s problems for the next few years. No one could have guessed what our country, state, and county have had to go through.

I suggest we reallocate the SPLOST funds into three areas for the next two years. After two years, it goes back to what it was until it expires.

1. One-third stays to meet the most basic tech needs. We can certainly postpone for a few years some of the high tech gizmos. This still gives them about $7 million each year.

2. One-third goes back to keeping our teachers, para pros, janitors, lunchroom, bus drivers, counselors, and other staff members employed. Give them back the 4.5 percent that we took away. That extra $7 million or so would guarantee that we could keep our class sizes small and our education standards the highest in the state. We can not be so short-sighted as to just throw out all the extra programs such as the arts, sports, band, chorus, and after-school programs that our county now offers. These programs help build our community and enrich all our lives.

3. One-third goes back to our communities and help them maintain proper staffing for all essential services. From what I read in the paper, they need some help too.

What does everyone get? We get a county that is far ahead of everyone else’s in the state. We would get people taking a second look at our county just because of the educational system.

Would you put your child in a system that has 25 to 30-plus students per class and no frills or enroll them in Fayette County that still has about 20 or less students with para pros and still plenty of perks.

My guess is that they will come here and it will create jobs, and help build our tax base.

What I don’t know is how to get the ball rolling. Is a vote on this possible? Suggestions, people? The clock is ticking.

Mike Healy

Mike and C’s Family Sports Grill

Peachtree City, Ga.