Community service motivates Jones Tree Service


I am Norman Jones, the creator and owner of Jones Tree Service. I am proud to have worked and served my community for the better part of the last 32 years.

By most definitions, this line of work would be considered one of America’s “dirty jobs.”

The average day consists of my team and I working to cut down, chip and remove unwanted trees from local properties. This process involves the use of heavy, loud equipment, a mess and then a clean up.

My team and I consider ourselves experts at this, as well as grinding down unwanted stumps, tree pruning, and occasionally removing a cat from a tree (although we prefer to leave that to the fire department).

My crew and I are skilled at climbing, which requires a good deal of strength, safety equipment, smart decision making and a good life insurance policy. Climbing can be rather dangerous and we have all experienced our fair share of chainsaw lacerations and a few fractures. We have survived.

Accompanying this story are pictures of my current primary crew. This isn’t the line of work that attracts the clean cut, intellectual type, if you know what I mean. This group is not afraid to get their hands dirty and, worst of all, they have to put up with me/ I have been referred to as a grumpy, barking, bossy, old son of a Ralph, but I’m not such a bad guy.

I have employed many hard-working young men (and my older sons) when they needed the work and had minimal other options. When I knew that a guy needed to pay his rent or feed his family, I would do my best to give him a working opportunity. I have tried to do this even when I didn’t have a whole lot of work lined up for the day and sometimes when they didn’t have the strength or skills to assist as needed. This touches on one of the real reasons that my business brings personal meaning to me.

I know you are thinking, ‘what’s the big deal, it’s just cutting trees?’

And for the most part you are correct, but the primary motivation for our work is the people and the community. We usually help others whenever the opportunity presents itself. We have taken the time to donate wood chips to church playgrounds and inspired landscapers. We are also the primary supplier of mulch for the Peachtree City Dog Park.

We have swapped or donated free services and firewood to needy clients who did not have the means to pay. We have worked to establish these community relationships on a business and personal level and they hold a lot of meaning for us. This is our way of sharing with others and showing our appreciation to our customers, our community and God.

Our services include tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, storm services, bucket truck service and commercial height jobs (lights, signs, etc.) We love being outdoors, especially when the weather is good for work. On days when the weather is not ideal for cutting, we may work to maintain our equipment, grind stumps, cut fire wood and try to keep busy.

We may even advise clients on ways to improve their landscape and save money, further improving their property values and the aesthetic presentation of the neighborhood. We’re also there to remove trees for safety reasons, especially when there is one sticking through a neighbor’s roof or lying across a fence.

We have reasonable rates and my crew and I have over 75 years of combined experience. We have 24 hour service, offer free estimates, and are licensed and insured. Call me personally on my cell phone at 404-317-2497.

The next time you see a crew of smelly, nasty looking guys driving down the road in a Jones Tree Service truck or out firing up a chain saw and cutting down a tree, remember to say hello.