Awnings add value, efficiency to your home


As our society becomes increasingly aware of environmentally friendly or, “green,” practices such as water conservation and recycling, industry leaders are recognizing that awnings help to reduce a homes overall energy consumption. More and more, studies performed by a range of organizations indicate that awnings will increase a home’s energy efficiency.

According to the Professional Awning Manufactures Association, awnings can reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 25 percent.

According to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning, fabric awnings can reduce interior heat gain up to 77 percent.

A 2007 study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota concluded that ‘awnings result in cooling energy savings by reducing direst solar gain through windows.’

In cooler climates, the study revealed that homes with window awnings saved an average of 23 percent on cooling energy costs per year.

In warmer climates, the study showed that homes with window awnings saved an average of 14-20 percent on cooling energy costs per year.

The study also revealed that homeowners with retractable awnings achieve the lowest energy use by retracting the awnings in winter months and extending them during warmer months.

According to the Department of Energy publication Cooling Your Home, awnings block up to 90 percent of solar heat that is absorbed through windows.

Additional Benefits of Backyard Structures Awnings:

Shade when you need it, sun when you want it

With a retractable awning, you control the shade. Enjoy your outdoor living area more than ever with the convenience of total shade control. Extend and retract your Awning with the turn of a handle or push of a button- it’s that simple. Your awning can be extended fully, partially, or retracted depending on the amount of shade you need or how much sun you want.

Block the sun, keep your view

Our strong, streamlined designs eliminate the need for support poles, so our awnings block only the sun of light rain, and not your view. Maximize your usable shaded outdoor living space and your view with the addition of a retractable awning to your home.

Beautify your home

Your home is one-of-a-kind and your awning should be too. That’s why we offer total customization so that each awning is made to the distinct needs and style of each homeowner. And Retractable Awnings don’t just add beauty and space to your home, they also add equity-your covered outdoor space increases living area and value.

Expand your space

Without protection, you can’t fully enjoy your outdoor living area, A Retractable Awning allows you to expand your home’s livable area, effectively adding a customized outdoor room.

Control room brightness

Unlike permanent patio awnings, roofs, and enclosures, Awnings can be retracted during darker times of the day, or on cloudy days, to brighten the interior of your home naturally.

Protect your indoor furnishings

The sun’s UV rays can severely damage and fade furniture, carpet, upholstery, drapes and flooring. You can protect your valuable interior furnishings and prolong their life with a retractable awning from Backyard Structures.

Save on your utility costs

Our awnings help lower energy costs year- round. On warm days, extend your awning to block the sun from entering your home. Shading tour interior will naturally cool your home and reduce the air conditioning costs up to 25 percent. On cold days, you can retract your awning, allowing the sun to help heat your home.

For more information on how you can increase the efficiency and beauty of your home with awnings, call Backyard Structures at 678-364-0600.

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