School spirit? How about bad manners?


In the Feb. 10 edition of The Citizen, Ms. Carol Jensen-Linton reported that a very large group of McIntosh High School students joined in the singing of the national anthem at a basketball game at Starr’s Mill High School. The McIntosh students joined in on the line, “and the home of the brave,” singing loudly, drowning out the Starr’s Mill student who was singing a capella, changing the line to “home of the Chiefs.” Ms. Jensen-Linton was critical of the students’ action.

In the Feb. 17 edition of The Citizen, three letter writers defended the McIntosh students’ action with varying forms of reasoning.

The most vociferous of The Defenders is the president of McIntosh High School Parent Teacher Student Organization.

Obviously, she should be removed from that position after proving very publicly that she cannot recognize appallingly bad manners when she sees/hears it.

She was glad, though, to have the opportunity to tell us that she has a Revolutionary War ancestor, was an intelligence officer in the military, an uncle came over on the Mayflower, her Eagle Scout son has an appointment to a military academy, all to prove her high level of patriotism and qualifications to judge what constitutes, or not, a disrespecting of the national anthem.

Her son best not try disrespecting the anthem while at the academy.

The other two Defenders were either “inspired and delighted” by the students’ action or proud to announce that she “did the exact same thing 30 years ago” when a student in Illinois.

What a pity their parents didn’t teach them the value of good manners and respect when due so that they would be better prepared to pass it on to their own children.

We all know that if any one of The Defenders had been the parent of the young lady singer who was so rudely stepped all over, their opinion would likely be quite different.

The principal of McIntosh HS should, unless he/she, too, is “inspired and delighted,” censure the offending students, demand that such action not be repeated, then announce, by Citizen letter, that it was done.

Copy to Dr. John DeCotis, Superintendent, Fayette County Board of Education.

Glen Allen

Peachtree City, Ga.