School board approves East Fayette for other uses


The Fayette County Board of Education last week agreed to having the school system’s Facilities Services department relocated to the former East Fayette Elementary School. The measure was approved on a 5-0 vote.

Facilities Services Director Mike Satterfield in a Jan. 20 letter said his department was recommending the consolidation of all its offices, workshops and storage facilities from across the school system to the East Fayette facility.

Superintendent John DeCotis Feb. 9 said the school system had been unable to sell the East Fayette property due to the recession.

Satterfield on Feb. 2 said East Fayette would provide sufficient space for the department that is currently located on several school properties and would provide a measure of safety and security for equipment stored on the site. He added that the East Fayette property would serve the needs of Facilities Services for years to come.

No mention was made about selling the property once the recession ends and property prices begin to rise.

Satterfield citing one of the reasons for the moved noted the heavy foot traffic at the department’s Lafayette Education Center facility from LEC and Fayette County High School a short distance away. He said equipment at the East Fayette location would have an increased measure of safety and security for vehicles and equipment stored behind the school’s gates.

The request also included the relocation of Food Services to East Fayette. Satterfield said there would be ample office space adjacent to the kitchen and that the recently renovated kitchen would make an excellent training center for Food Services staff.

Facilities Services components are currently located at LEC, central office, Kiwanis Field and at the Woolsey warehouse.

Prior to the vote board member Bob Todd said he had heard several favorable comments relating to the move.

Satterfield said he would like to make the move in February or March if possible, adding that the cost involved in the move would be minimal.