Young scientists showcase experiments


Have you ever wondered about the recovery time of pH in the human mouth, effect of a lacrosse stick’s length on velocity or the role of PGC-1 alpha in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease? These are just a sampling of questions on the minds of Fayette’s budding scientists that were explored at the 2010 Fayette County Science and Engineering Fair.

Students from middle and high schools across the county submitted projects for the fair. A total of 25 projects were awarded first place and will now advance to the Griffin Regional Science and Engineering Fair scheduled for February 26 at Griffin RESA.

Students entered projects individually or as teams. Middle school winners advancing to the regional fair are (Bennett’s Mill) Matthew Harmon, Monica Schwingshaki, Mamie Smith, Alisa Chapman and Tori Toth, Jamie DeCicco, Jordan Watson and Katy Lewis, Michael Koenig and Matthew Melatti; (J.C. Booth) Alex Marty; (Fayette Middle) Juan Munoz, Menaka Reddy; (Flat Rock) Helen Davidson; (Rising Starr) Connor Chewning, Stephanie Clark, Shannon McKillip.

High school first place winners heading for the regional competition are (Fayette County) Rebecca Otwell, Sonika Reddy, Sarika Reddy, Omar Martinez-Uribe and Landry Grymes, Tuure Pasto, Michael Martin and Sonya Jooma; (McIntosh) Karen Anderson and Nathan Pearson, Jackie Roshelli and Cara O’Brien; (Sandy Creek) Treijon Johnson, Jacob Renie; (Starr’s Mill) Hannah Feltner and Regan Chewning, Leslie Perez and Torie Legere; (Whitewater) George Harris.