School employees honored for psychology advocacy


The Georgia Association of School Psychologists has recognized two Fayette County Public School employees for their efforts in encouraging the state to keep psychologists in public schools.
School Superintendent Dr. John DeCotis and Fayette County Alternative School principal Tim Carter were presented certificates of Excellence in Advocacy during a school system administrative meeting. Association president Deborah Crockett, who is also a school psychologist for the school system, surprised the two recipients with the awards.
“Last year when the state was considering removing school psychologists, I asked Dr. DeCotis and Mr. Carter to write letters of support emphasizing the value of school psychologists. Both of them did and we are still here thanks to their efforts,” says Crockett.
School psychologists are state and nationally certified professionals. They help students who are having learning, behavioral and emotional problems by conducting comprehensive psycho-educational assessments and interventions. They also serve the school system by consulting with teachers, parents and administrators, aiding them with information and recommendations; conduct research to help promote effective forms of learning, discipline and social interaction; and are liaisons and effective personnel in the event of a crisis, helping to alleviate the stressors and promote a healthy transition in the schools and community.