Primoro, Inc. helps doctors build better businesses


Fayette County resident Robert Rosser couldn’t stay retired for very long.

After a number of years in sales and management positions in the pharmaceutical industry and time as a senior medical practice consultant in association with Allergan Medical and BSM Consulting, Rosser formed his own company, Primoro, Inc., realizing that he wanted to use his expertise and knowledge to help doctors and medical practices in his community.
“Primoro, Inc. is a consulting firm focused on assisting medical practices with the four pillars of any business; financials, business processes, human resources and customer relations,” Rosser said, adding that he has a passion for efficiency and strives to make doctor’s offices more efficient with their scheduling.
Primoro, Inc. opened in April of this year and has since been able to help numerous medical practices formulate plans and put them in action. The process begins with discussing the business and hearing what the prospective client believes the issues are. These issues are then prioritized and a plan is made and put into place. Rosser has a leg up on a lot of other consulting firms in this field because he focuses on area businesses and is readily accessible. Other firms are often based out of state and tend to only be in the area for short periods of time. Rosser added that he has a number of resources that he has complete confidence in that can often help medical practices. These resources include everything from certified public accountants to marketing representatives, financial advisors and attorneys.
In addition to helping doctors improve the flow and efficiency of seeing patients, Rosser also helps medical practices with their accounts receivables. He stated that by managing that area and making it more efficient, the cash flow of the practice can significantly improve.
“I worked with one business that had such a backlog that millions of dollars was just sitting there and would soon be uncollectable,” Rosser said.
Rosser sees his company growing and hopes that he will continue to be seen as a valuable part of a team for any medical practice.
“Doctors have to be doctors and many of them aren’t trained in business,” said Rosser. “I just try to help them do a better job.”
Rosser, a county resident for 12 years, has been married to his wife, Donna, for 26 years. In addition to stressing improved efficiency in the office, Rosser also believes that hearing from patients is important. He advocates using the wealth of new technology that is available, even writing a blog himself ( and recommending each practice ask their customers for their opinions on the practice.
For more information on Primoro, Inc., visit or phone 404-394-0014.