Bowling in PTC?

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On Peachtree City’s horizon: an indoor amusement center featuring competition and recreational bowling lanes, a gaming arcade area, and a sports bar and restaurant.

To be located on Widget Drive off TDK Boulevard inside the Peachtree City industrial park, Thunderzone at the Exchange is asking the Peachtree Planning Commission for conditional zoning approval for its 40,000-plus-square-foot building and 168 parking spaces.

Commission Vice Chairman David Connor said Monday night he disliked the location because it is not near a golf cart path and suggested the developer seek another location.

City Planning and Zoning Administrator David Rast reminded Connor that if the applicant met the eight conditions set out in the ordinance, the conditional rezoning would have to be granted.

“In that case,” Connor said with a smile, “welcome to Peachtree City.”

Since Monday night was a workshop meeting, the official plan will get a formal hearing before the commission at a later date.

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yes, yes and yes

I think we need a recreation place that the kids can go to that is not outrageously priced like urban jungle.
and yes, we need it to be reachable by golf cart so our teens will go there and hang out, and not "wreak havoc" causing minor damage

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Bowling Complex

David Connor disliked the location because it was not near a Golf Cart Path. Well where the heck could they place it where it would be near one???

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bowling location

How about across the highway from the Soccer Complex. Golf cart tunnel and Flat Creek bridge just awaiting to be connected.

Husband and Fat...
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Thinking somewhat alike

If the planning commission wants to give business advice, do it privately.

Mr. Rast needs to advise the planning commission what they are there to do. I don't recall that the volunteer position included providing business advise. Lets leave that the the COC who should be equally disturbed.

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