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Man arrested for decking wife at Kiwanis Park

A Brooks man was arrested Saturday for punching his estranged wife in the head while in the parking lot of the Kiwanis Park on Redwine Road.

According to an incident report filed by the Fayette County Marshal’s Department, two witnesses saw Allen Glover, 37, punch Krystin Glover in the head, knocking her to the ground.

The incident occurred in front of the Glovers’ three young children, as the separated couple had met at the park so Mr. Glover could drop off the children with Mrs. Glover at the park so they wouldn’t be late to a baseball game, according to the report.

According to the arrest warrant, the punch left marks on the victim’s right ear and neck.

Allen Glover, who left the scene, was later arrested in Peachtree City and charged with simple battery (domestic violence) and cruelty to children in the third degree. The latter charge was because the alleged assault took place in view of the children, according to an arrest warrant filed in the case.

Glover was granted a $3,000 bond on each charge. A Fayette County Magistrate ordered Glover to avoid contacting the victim and all of her family members, and also to avoid physically abusing or threatening to physically abuse her.



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I guess this disgusting excuse for a man doesn't realize that he just taught his children quite a few lessons with his behavior. He isn't a "man" at all...he is a coward.

he is not a man, nor is he teaching his children how to be either. That is sad. Really sad.
But seriously, there really should be more durastic measures taken out on men who beat their wives and/or children.
I mean just beacuse he is ordered to stay away, does not mean that he will.... i.e. look at the guy who burned himself and his children alive in his home on a visit with a social worker. They may order him to stay away, but he could pull a fast one just like the other guy did.
There should be some sort of program that they should have to complete before being let go and back on to the streets; including anger management and therapy with a mixture of physical activity to reduce stress levels, etc.. It's worth a try, it may result in less deaths and family violence, some people just need help.

These programs have great difficulty getting funded.

[quote]It's worth a try, it may result in less deaths and family violence, some people just need help.[/quote]

I agree!!!

That is very true, but I wouldn't mind walking or running a 5k for family violence; as long as, every penny went to the organization and not the city, nor the government's, pockets. We waste a lot of tax payer money on really unecessary projects and employees. I beleieve that the citizens should vote on every project that is funded with our tax dollars.

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