Cop rescues woman in Lake McIntosh

Cop rescues woman in Lake McIntosh


A Peachtree city police officer on June 6 swam to the rescue of a member of the Peachtree City Rowing Club who fell out of her motorized boat on Lake McIntosh. The woman was unharmed in the incident.

Sgt. Leland Crider, left, and Cpl. Chris Judy with the Peachtree City Police Department. Photo/Submitted.

Cpl. Chris Judy in the police report said while on his way home at approximately 6:38 p.m. he responded to Lake McIntosh on a call pertaining to an individual struggling in the water.

“The subject fell out of a boat and the boat was spinning out of control near the subject. The complainant stated that the subject was about 100 yards off shore and was struggling and yelling for help,” the report said.

Judy said the Peachtree City Rowing Club member was approximately 100 yards offshore when he arrived.

“The subject was too far from land to be reached, and not within throwing distance of my throw rope. There were not any boats in the area to commandeer to aid in the rescue,” according to the police report. “I immediately starting ditching all of my mission-essential equipment and entered the water.”

Judy said he maintained visual contact with the woman as he swam to her.

“She appeared to be out of breath, and I could see bruising on her nose where it appeared that she hit something. I told her that I was there to help her. I asked her if she could still swim she said, ‘yes.’ I told her that I was going to assist her to the shore. I reached my right hand under her left arm pit and started to assist her to the boat ramp.”

Judy in the report said that a few moments later a kayaker came and took off his life vest.

“I told her to put it under her arms so that she could rest some and aid her in getting to the boat ramp,” said Judy.

Officers said once at the boat ramp, other officers and medics were at the scene and assisted the woman. The rowing club member refused medical treatment, reports said.

Judy and Sgt. Leland Crider and retrieved the boat from another citizen that brought it to shore once it quit spinning out of control.