Appeal won, but dissension persists

Appeal won, but dissension persists


The Senoia City Council granted local business woman Suzanne Pengelly the right to hold her outdoor market on July 15, but the issue is far from settled.

David and Suzanne Pengelly. Photo/John Thompson.

After overturning her denial for the permit, the City Council then issued a moratorium on outdoor market permits for the next four months. The city says a market is not allowed unless it’s on a approved site. Pengelly vowed that she would bring to the city’s attention all the events that occur that do not comply with the city’s ordinances. Pengelly said there were many events that skirt the city’s requirements, including some city-sponsored events.

“I want to see you all abide by the ordinances,” she said.

The vote to grant Pengelly’s appeal was 4-1, with City Councilman Bobby Graham voting against it.

After the meeting, Pengelly sent an email to The Citizen outlining her frustration.

“Our lots were turned down for the outdoor market because they don’t meet the minimum standard to be used for a parking lot. I turned in 26 complaints tonight for lots that do not meet the minimum standard for a parking lot, Sec. 40-124. Also, city right of way set up for parking, but parking spots overly small and short for parking on Johnson Street and Baggarly Way-Johnson to Travis Streets,” she wrote.