Coweta to meet with Fischer Crossings on required work

Representatives of NCG Cinemas and the Fischer Crossings retail development are scheduled to meet with the Coweta County Commission in a July 28 called meeting to discuss the the theater’s temporary certificate of occupancy (CO) that expired July 21. The hang-up is the delayed closing with Kohl’s department store from which some of those funds would be used to complete required intersection improvements on Ga. Highway 54 near the cinema. Meantime, NCG is still open for business.

NCG on April 21, and in conjunction with its opening, was issued a temporary CO good for 90 days. The temporary CO that expired July 21 dealt primarily with the as yet uncompleted intersection improvement along Ga. Highway 54 and Ga. Highway 34 where Hwy. 54 turns south. The intersection must be expanded to include a main entrance to the northeast portion of the Fischer Crossings development, the area in which NCG is located.

The hold-up is the closing of the Kohl’s department store that is to be located on the other side of the large northeast corner of the Fischer Crossings development, essentially across Fischer Road from the Sam’s Club.

A portion of the funds that would be released from the Kohl’s closing would fund the work for the new intersection near NCG.

Commissioners at the July 19 meeting discussed the expiration of the 90-day temporary CO and agreed to send a letter to NCG and Fischer Crossings developer Scott Seymour requesting that they meet with county staff by July 27 so that variables relating to the CO and the required work can be addressed. A called meeting with commissioners to further discuss the issue is scheduled for July 28 at 6 p.m.

The cinema for the time being remains open.

Commissioner Bob Blackburn did not participate in the July 19 discussion due to his affiliation to the adjacent Wynn’s Pond property owned by the Featherston Fishing Club.

In a related matter, Kohl’s just two weeks ago asked for and received assurances from the county on the matter of the closure of the portion of Wynn’s Pond Road nearest to Fischer Road. Commissioners on July 7 voted 4-0 to reiterate to Kohl’s that the area of Wynn’s Pond Road that is situated on the south side of the department store site would be permanently closed provided the conditions for the improvements to the large northeast portion of the Fischer Crossings development are met.