Discipline with young children

Over the many years of my work with children, I’ve seen lots of children with ADHD symptoms and behavior issues. But the common thread that runs through the majority of these cases is not biological. It is social. Behavior disorders, ADHD, conduct disorder, and other childhood diagnoses are more often the result of learning rather […]

Proud parents

A friend stopped me in the hallway the other day and asked if I wanted to see the latest pictures of his son. I always say yes to this question. He scrolled through a half dozen pictures on his phone. I smiled as he showed me photos of his son, a toddler, eating spaghetti in […]

Compulsive parenting

They have been called helicopter parents for a long time. These parents hover over their children in an attempt to ensure nothing bad ever happens to them. It all started with good intentions. Little was ever said about children in the old days. They were to be seen and not heard and in some ways, […]

Deliberate mentoring

As an expert on violent behavior, when there is a national story like the school shooting in Florida, my phone rings with the predictable question of “What went wrong?” But instead of writing about what might have gone wrong in this most recent attack, I would rather focus on what can go right. As I […]

The lost boys

I sat in the interview room at the state prison waiting to speak to a man who had been convicted of attempted murder. When he arrived, I could see the same sheepish, skeptical, and frightened look I’ve seen on hundreds of faces. Nobody trusts anybody in prison. He had no idea why he was in […]

Belief in guilt isn’t conviction

It started with Harvey Weinstein. If you haven’t been following the news in the past few months, Weinstein has been a Hollywood producer and power broker for decades. Allegations began appearing in the media in October that he had sexually harassed and/or abused numerous actresses over the course of his career. As more and more […]

Can we agree on gun safety?

The tragedy in Las Vegas some weeks ago stunned the nation. The sheer number of victims wounded and killed dwarfs any shooting anywhere in the world in history. I’m hesitant to say much about the “superlative” because I don’t want to give any press to the perpetrator, but the facts are what they are. We […]

Don’t offend me

You would have to be a hermit living in a far-away cave somewhere not to be aware of the political correctness debates going on in our country these days. As a parent and child therapist for many years, I find odd how many times we would address a conflict or behavior with children and yet […]

Hate speech and our country

The march in Charlottesville is nothing new. Fortunately, since the inception of the Klan in the later decades of the 1800s, these now generally marginalized individuals have been moved further and further into the fringes of society. The best response to these hateful individuals is to ignore them. They only have power when put in […]

Ideas for summer reading

Summer often brings us hours at home with children, time for sitting beside the pool, or leisurely spending time on a beach, on a cruise, in airports, or in a summer cabin. Several times over the years I resolved on New Year’s Day to read a book a week. I’ve never regretted it when I’ve […]

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