The Avenue Peachtree City’s Ga. Highway 54 Entrance to be reconfigured, traffic flow to improve

Google aerial view of The Avenue Peachtree City
Google aerial view of The Avenue Peachtree City.

— Changes to be made as part of the Georgia Department of Transportation’s reconstruction project at SR 54-74 intersection —

The Avenue Peachtree City, an outdoor lifestyle shopping center, has announced that its Marketplace Boulevard entrance, off State Road (SR) 54 near Books-A-Million, will be reconfigured to improve traffic flow for guests. The changes will be completed as part of the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) reconstruction project at the SR 54-74 intersection.

“We strive to be the Peachtree City community’s go-to place for shopping, dining and entertainment, and a big part of that is ensuring our visitors have a stress-free and safe experience from the moment they arrive through their departure from the center,” said Johnathan Andrews, general manager at The Avenue Peachtree City. “We are certain the changes to our Market Place Boulevard entrance will make arriving and leaving The Avenue a much more pleasant experience in the future.”

The reconstruction project will implement a displaced left turn for northbound and southbound SR 74, improving efficiency throughout the intersection. As a result, an additional exit lane as well as a dedicated left turn traffic signal will be added to The Avenue Peachtree City’s Marketplace Boulevard entrance – ensuring a safe driving experience for visitors and community members.

The GDOT will begin the reconfiguration project at the Marketplace Boulevard entrance in August and is expected to complete the construction by early fall.

The Avenue Peachtree City is an outdoor lifestyle shopping center, managed by JLL, in Peachtree City, Georgia — 40 miles from the Atlanta metro region — offering a dynamic mix of more than 45 premier national brands, select local retailers and specialty restaurants. For more information, visit


  1. At the recent GDOT meeting with citizens at the Evergreen Church which was well attended GDOT reps said such a proposal (ramps, cloverleafs) was untenable as it would eat up too much property and ruin the Avenue and businesses in the area.

  2. What traffic problem at the intersection of 54 & 74? The residence of PTC were told in 1999 (when The Avenue was being built) that traffic wouldn’t be a problem. Everyone of course knew traffic would be terrible. But the City govt said, “No, we’re going to time-the-lights so traffic will always flow smoothly. So we ended up with a totally avoidable traffic Jam every day at the 54 &74 intersection. The City & State aren’t willing to do what needs to be done to fix the intersection. 74 needs to be elevated to a bridge over 54, with clover-leaf on & off ramps to 54.