The Cathedral of Christ the King opens clinical pastoral counseling center


The Cathedral of Christ the King in Sharpsburg, Ga., has announced the opening to the public of their Clinical Pastoral Counseling Center.

According to a church spokesperson, “God’s impact on client’s lives through our counseling has been profound. We have seen unprecedented opportunities to help believers and non-believers access the help they need.”

The Clinical Pastoral Counselor is Father Mike Wilton of Palmetto. A native of Colorado and a former rodeo cowboy, Wilton received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management from Phoenix University. During his first career, he was a managing director leading global technical programs, supporting merger and acquisition events. Later in life, he graduated from Colorado Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling.

He is licensed with the National Christian Counselors Association as a Clinical Pastoral Counselor, holds advanced certification in child and adolescent therapy, and is a certified temperament counselor.

In answering the question, “Why are we different?” Wilton replied, “We use the National Christian Counseling Association’s Arno Profile System (APS) assessments and a therapeutic model that focuses on a client’s temperament, using prayer, and scripture to assist with healing. This approach provides insight into how God made us, ‘…formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb’ (Psalm 139:13). We provide prayerful, practical, and scriptural advice on how to get back into alignment with His plan for your life so you can live life to the fullest. Our difference is that we focus on the counselee’s goals and walk with God to relieve the stressors in his or her life.”

The services offered by the Counseling Center include: counseling for individuals, couples, youth, and children; premarital and marriage counseling; trauma, loss, and PTSD counseling; and career counseling. Counseling appointments may be either face to face or done remotely.

The center does not accept insurance, but reasonable rates and a sliding scale are available. David Epps, pastor of the church, said, “We are very happy to be able to offer this ministry to the broader community. Father Mike, before we made the decision to expand his availability, had counseled over 60 individuals, several of whom are in our church or diocese with good success.”

“Moreover,” Epps said, “we live in a polarized and technological society where many are feeling lost, are lonely, and are silently hurting. This center and Father Mike can be part of the solution.”

For additional information, email or call Father Wilton at (678) 387-0325. The counseling center is located in the facilities of Christ the King, 4881 Highway 34 East, Sharpsburg, GA near Sam’s Club.