Local Taekwondo Student Audrey Dempsey Strikes Gold at AAU Jr. Olympics

Audrey Dempsey and her coach

Audrey Dempsey, who holds a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo and trains at Karate Atlanta of Peachtree City, attended the Jr Olympics in Des Moines, IA held by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) this past weekend (July 29 and 30th). Audrey competed in 6 events and won 6 gold medals in the 10-year-old girl division for Weapon Sparring, Speed Board Breaking Hand and Foot human hold, Power Board Breaking Hand and Foot, and Speed Breaking Hand Machine Feed.  Audrey impressed the crowd during these events, particularly during speed board breaking where she broke 10 boards in 2.5 seconds and then broke 12 boards at once during power board breaking. The AAU Jr. Olympic is known for being the largest multi-sport event in the United States that began in 1967 and has participants from all 50 states and several United States territories. 

Audrey has been training in Taekwondo at Karate Atlanta for 4 years earning her black belt in 2022 and is expected to complete her 2nd degree black belt later this year. Karate Atlanta has helped Audrey develop a solid foundation leading to being Georgia State Champ in 2022 for Traditional Sparring and Weapon Sparring in the American Taekwondo Association and has won several SC and GA district championship titles for AAU in 2023. Finally, she participated in the AAU National Championship winning 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals this summer.

Audrey’s success comes from hard work, dedication, and the support of her instructors at Karate Atlanta. In addition to the classes to achieve higher belt rank, Audrey attends private lessons to prepare for tournaments with her coach, 4th degree black belt Mr. Michael Stief. During these lessons Mr. Stief teaches her advanced techniques and to push herself both physically and mentally. Mr. Stief has been Audrey’s coach and mentor since her first tournament last year and has taught her that there is nothing she cannot accomplish when she puts her mind to it. Her experience training with Mr. Stief has inspired Audrey to help teach Taekwondo classes and to encourage other kids to compete in tournaments while they continue their martial arts training. 

For parents interested in martial arts for their children, and to possibly competing in tournaments, Karate Atlanta will provide outstanding training and personal growth opportunities, while training with a Jr. Olympic gold medal winner and other state and national champions.