Dream Job: MHS alum Woolf leads Chiefs’ student media


It’s been a wonderful homecoming for McIntosh High journalism adviser Shanon Woolf. The MHS alum leads McIntosh’s two award-winning publications, the Legend yearbook and the Trail student news site, and she loves what she does.

“I’m working my dream job here,” said Woolf. “Anything I can do to help add value to McIntosh, to add value to the kids’ lives, is something I’m going to sign up for.”

Coming out of college, Woolf detoured through other jobs, including as a radio DJ and in construction, leading up to a lengthy run teaching at Camden County High. She loved her time at the school, but it wasn’t fulfilling her heart’s calling. Woolf became a teacher to teach journalism, but that wouldn’t happen at Camden County.

“I closed my eyes and leapt and ended up here,” she remembered.

Returning to McIntosh has been an opportunity to bring rhythm in her life for the former champion ballroom dancer. Helping students find their voice invigorates her every day.

“I believe in the power of the 15 year old,” said Woolf. “You’ve got to believe that they rise, and I do.”

She is driven to help them use their words to build the strength they may not even know they possess.

“I can teach them through the power of journalism that they are powerful, that they do have first amendment rights, and how to stand up for what we teach them in school. It’s not just words on paper, it’s actual practice,” she said. “That’s my why.”

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