Derrick Jackson apparently won Dist. 68 House runoff over Mark Baker by 14 votes

Former Rep. Derrick Jackson (D-Tyrone)
former Rep. Derrick Jackson (D-Tyrone)

It was a squeaker, but former state Rep. Derrick Jackson may soon drop the “former” from his description.

In a runoff between two Democrats for the state House District 68 slot, Jackson will likely return to the House by a margin of 14 votes. Jackson received 917 votes (50.38%) to Mark Baker’s 903 votes (49.62%). However, those are unofficial results. Totals may not include all Absentee or Provisional Ballots.

District 68 includes north Fayette and part of South Fulton. Voter turnout was 4.25% across the 29 precincts.

“THANK YOU DISTRICT 68!,” Jackson said on Twitter Tuesday night. “I stand before you with a heart full of gratitude as your newly elected State Representative! Your unwavering support, engagement in the political process, and commitment to a better future have been the driving force behind our success. I am honored.”

The Fayette County final results for the state House District 68 runoff election shows that former Rep. Derrick Jackson out-polled former South Fulton Councilman Mark Baker more than 2-to-1. With all 8 Fayette precincts counted Tuesday night, Jackson had 762 votes (69%) to Baker’s 342 votes. Both are Democrats.

Mark Baker
Mark Baker

Jackson and Baker were the two top vote-getters in the May special election to replace the late Rep. Letitia “Tish” Naghise (D-Fayetteville). She died in March after being sworn in in January.

It was not immediately clear whether there will a recount because of the closeness of the runoff election.