School nutrition workers celebrated


The tables were turned as Fayette County School Nutrition Program employees got to sit and enjoy a delicious meal and a bit of the spotlight. The employee appreciation event brought together nutrition teams from all of the system’s schools for a catered meal and a chance to unwind and socialize.

“They have a heart for the students they serve,” said School Nutrition Director Kokeeta Wilder. “We appreciate them.”

Because of COVID-19, this was the first time in three years there was a big in-person celebration.

“Many of our staff were on the front lines serving meals curbside and in various locations in the community to support families during the public emergency. This event was a way to honor them for their hard work and dedication during that difficult time,” said Wilder. “I hope that our employees felt appreciated and valued for the sacrifices they made. While everyone else was working at home, they were still serving students every day.”

The event was made possible by many who wanted to say thanks. Along with the county office, vendors and the principals of all the schools helped sponsor the festivities.