Woman gets 5 years in prison for lying about evidence in murder of her child’s father


A woman going to prison for her role in the death of her child’s father.

After a three-day trial, a Fayette County jury found Dawn Harmon guilty of making a false statement and tampering with evidence, according to District Attorney Marie Broder’s office. The verdict came down April 19.

Superior Court Judge Fletcher Sams sentenced Harmon to 15 years with five years to be served in prison. Sams noted that her crimes were a major contributing factor in the death of Joshua Kellam and that she showed no remorse, the DA’s office stated.

The verdict stems from a 2020 incident in which Jermaine Harmon, Dawn Harmon’s husband, fatally shot Kellam in front of the Harmons’ home. Jermaine Harmon has since been convicted of felony murder for the shooting.

The case was investigated by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and prosecuted by deputy chief assistant district attorney Warren Sellers.

Evidence presented at trial showed that in the summer of 2020, Dawn Harmon attempted to have Kellam’s visitation rights suspended concerning their 10-year-old daughter, but Kellam prevailed in that case. Dawn and Jermaine Harmon were already married at the time.

Kellam returned the girl to the Harmon home July 31 of that year after a month-long summer visit. The next day, he realized that he had left his travel bag in his daughter’s suitcase and it contained some important legal and personal documents. He had also kept the child’s book bag by mistake.

Authorities stated that Kellam tried repeatedly to retrieve his bag by texting, telephoning and visiting the residence alone as well as accompanied by law enforcement. The defendant refused to answer the text messages, phone calls or knocks at her door.

Kellam came back one last time that evening with the child’s book bag in one hand and his cell phone in the other, according to the DA’s office. When he knocked on the door, Jermaine Harmon came outside with a .40 caliber Glock pistol and shot Kellam through the heart, killing him.

During the ensuing investigation, in an interview with FCSO Det. Karl Duggan, Dawn Harmon denied that there were any important documents in the bag that came back with their daughter. Investigators obtained her cell phone with a search warrant, and it contained a recording of a conversation with her father during which she laughed about Kellam wanting his belongings back and that such a file was indeed there.

A search warrant was executed on her home but the file was not found. She admitted at trial that she shredded it. It was also revealed at trial that she lied to her daughter, telling the girl that a law enforcement officer shot her father.

Sellers stated during his closing argument that the defendant’s “vindictive, spiteful attitude” in refusing Kellam’s request resulted in his death.

“I am extremely proud of my team who worked on this case and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.” said Broder. “This was a difficult case, and a Fayette County jury has spoken. I hope the family can now find some peace after such a devastating tragedy.


  1. Why would Jermaine Harmon murder a man and risk losing his freedom? Well, probably due to his wife encouraging him. So many men and women who marry people who have gone through bad divorces get mixed up in their mess. You can love your spouse without hating their ex spouse and you need to tell them you do not want to be a part of any drama. Mr. Harmon may just be a bad person but I have a feeling he was egged on. People taking lives and throwing away their own lives over stupidity.