Suspect swallows evidence, fights officer, gets shocked and jailed


An alleged drug offender in Peachtree City who apparently hoped to use the “dog ate my homework” defense wound up with two taser shots for his trouble as well as a trip to jail.

According to reports, a traffic stop was conducted March 12 at approximately 11 p.m. at the Petrol Point Pit Stop #1 due to a speeding violation. The officer making contact with the suspect observed “plain view narcotics” in the vehicle, which the suspect proceeded to swallow when the officer attempted to intervene. A fight ensued, during which the suspect was tased twice.

Antonio Andrews, 36, was transported to Fayette County Jail. He faces charges of tampering with evidence, felony obstruction, felony possession of a controlled substance, battery on a police officer, and speeding.

Other recent traffic stops in Peachtree City resulted in arrests on non-traffic charges.

A driver was pulled over March 9 at Huddleston Elementary School for a cell phone violation, and it was discovered that his driver’s license was suspended out of state and also in Georgia due to the out-of-state suspension. Daswon Gary, 41, was subsequently arrested and taken to Fayette County Jail.

That same day a driver was stopped near Hwy. 54 and Planterra Way, where an officer discovered that he had an arrest warrant from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. The warrant was confirmed and Benjamin Mulder, 38, was transported to Fayette County Jail.


  1. vics needs names (which he apparently believes are revealing of ethnicity) and desperately asks (Google his posts) for mugshots so he can condition his social comments appropriately. Undoubtedly he’s anti crime; and good on him. But his posts are quasi-carefully textural referenced to… well, it’s thinly veiled.

      • Like the rioters that dumped the tea in the harbor or the rioters that burned and pillaged the gov’s house or the rioters that threw rocks at the regulars until a riot commenced? It appears as though white, middle-aged men that “want what they want” were a problem then and are a problem now as they continue to violently riot (as noted on Jan 6, 2021). I left off “criminal” because they may not have been criminals from the start, but I guess they were criminals when all was said and done? If only women ruled the world……

      • I support the January 6th protesters. I think the only reason that turned bad was because the government infiltrated and did the protesters dirty on purpose for political reasons. The government does not have clean hands and so all the January 6th defendants should be released from prison in my opinion. I wanted to be there that day. I cannot imagine having the feds come and arrest me, I feel so bad for the patriots that were there. Americans need to wake up and realize how corrupt, unethical, dishonest, and manipulative our government is. Watch all the video tapes from that day. Do NOT take the government’s word for it or the media’s word for it. I totally have lost faith in government and fear the government. It is the government against we the people instead of a government made up of we the people. The FBI, congress, and all politicians disgust me. I do not have the patriotism I used to have. The government fails so bad and yet they never have any consequences. The FBI failed to stop 9/11 and they still get to exist. There are no standards or consequences for the federal government. I have no hope for our country with the way things are going. Ballot harvesting has turned our voting into a $h*t show. Now voting is all about who can ballot harvest and cheat the most instead of sane Americans going to the polls and purposely choosing to vote. Governor Kemp agreed not to verify signatures in 2020. What kind of idiot would do that? And why would somebody request that unless they were intending on cheating? I could go on and on… Americanism is dead. You may not know it yet because you live in Fayette County which has not died yet, but you will soon enough know it because it will spread here soon enough. And do not preach to me how bad of an American I am for not loving my government, there is NOTHING about our government to be proud of anymore. The USA government is just as scary as the CCP, Putin, and any other communist nation or dictatorship. I am no longer under the illusion or delusion that the USA government is more ethical than or more compassionate than other governments.

          • Don’t you feel like a stuck up jerk who makes snide comments but does not offer any useful information to a discussion? I lived in Clayton County in 2020. I know what Democrat groups were doing because I saw it with my own eyes. I actually wrote and called every Democrat organization I could to get them to stop coming to my house because they were aggressively trying to get the elderly people who lived in my home to vote Democrat. Stacey Abram’s groups ballot harvested like crazy at homes, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and everywhere else. She was not on the ballot that year but she sure had a hand in all the shenanigans that year. If Kemp was on the ballot that year I bet he would have cared more about what was going on. Our voting system is a joke now. And you do not care now but I bet in a few years you will. Fayette County is well on its way to being a Clayton County.

          • I’m sorry that you feel victimized. It must be difficult to live in a world that is so threatening. Maybe you can gain some personal agency so you will not be at the mercy of so many nefarious actors.

            Good luck!

        • Kathleen – it seems you have drunk too much of the MAGA kool aid. Try to relax and think on the positive side. If you compare the USA with other countries, you will see more clearly. I am a Republican (not of the MAGA offshoot) and I see opportunities. Calm down and think clearly, for your own sake.