Flat Rock Middle School Drama presents James and The Giant Peach


The Flat Rock Middle School Drama Department, in partnership with Alliance Theatre and their JumpStart Theatre Program, is proud to announce their debut of James and the Giant Peach Jr. coming to the Sandy Creek High School Patriot Hall Auditorium Feb. 3 – 5th, 2023. 

This is a beloved classic children’s story by author Roald Dahl that was adapted into a whimsical musical and is fun for viewers of all ages. 

6th Grader Ruby Hogan explains, “James and the Giant Peach is a musical that tells the story of an orphaned boy who meets new friends and travels on the journey of a lifetime to find his true home.” 

When asked why people should come see the show, 7th Grader Trinity Ross says, “People should come see the show because not too many people have heard of it, and if they have, they probably haven’t seen the musical which is a completely different experience from the movie. It’s an inexpensive way to escape the outside world to join the world of ‘whimsy and wonder’”.

The show’s lead characters are double cast, which means half of their performances will be performed by a second cast of actors. Director Emma Majure said, “This was to ensure more of our incredibly talented students got a chance to shine on stage and gain the experience. If you see the show twice you’ll see each set of lead actors has their own unique take on the characters, so it’s so much fun to see the different choices they make as they explore their roles.” 

When asked what his favorite part of being a part of the show has been so far, 8th Grader Kenneth Russell shares, “My favorite part about being in James and the Giant Peach is that I get to do something I have never done before and share a piece of me with my friends and directors. Also, I get to meet new people as well as bonding with others.”

You can catch the talented FRMS Drama students in their production of James and the Giant Peach Jr., Feb. 3 – 5th, 2023 at Sandy Creek High School. Tickets can be purchased with cash at the door and are $10 for adults (18+) and $5 for children (3 – 17 years old). For more information, visit bit.ly/FRMSdrama or you can find the Flat Rock Middle School Drama Department on Facebook or Instagram

Feb. 3rd –  6:00 PM 

Feb. 4th –  2:00 PM

Feb. 4th –  6:00 PM

Feb. 5th –  2:00 PM