Mom, 37, son, 17, and girlfriend, 15, arrested in Peachtree City drug raid

Bradley Kantor (L) and his mother Ashley Kantor. Photos/Fayette County Jail.
Bradley Kantor (L) and his mother Ashley Kantor. Photos/Fayette County Jail.

A Peachtree City mother and son are facing drug charges following the Dec. 3 execution of search warrants at their Twiggs Corner residence.

Bradley E. Kantor, 17, was charged with felony counts for sale and distribution of oxycodone, fentanyl and THC oil, along with charges for marijuana possession, said Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt, who added that a large amount of cash was also seized.

“There was a plethora of narcotics and evidence of sales,” Hyatt said.

Also charged in the Dec. 3 bust was Kantor’s mother, Ashley L. Kantor, 37, on one count of felony drug possession, drug-related objects, disorderly house and misdemeanor marijuana, said Hyatt.

Hyatt said leads in the case resulted in officers obtaining search warrants, with the house being entered at 4:35 a.m.

Along with the mother and son, there were two others in the house in the early hours of Saturday. One of those was an adult male who faced no charges and was released. The other was Bradley Kantor’s 15-year-old girlfriend, who was charged with drug offenses and released to her parents, Hyatt said.

The Dec. 3 incident was not the first time for drug charges filed against Bradley Kantor. Hyatt said the house was busted in 2021, and resulted in the young Kantor facing drug charges, though as a minor.

Today, Bradley Kantor will face felony drug charges as an adult.


      • vics,
        Speaking of the Pres-a-dent calling; remember the shaming the administration took after after calling Brittany’s wife last July and not the families of other Americans wrongly detained.

        Elizabeth Whelan tweeted:
        “Still looking for that press release saying @POTUS has spoken to anyone in OUR family about #PaulWhelan, wrongfully detained in #Russia for 3.5 years,”

        What are we to think??

        • Yo’ Cyclist….they (Liberal Dems) hate anyone who is not like them. They ignore the problem or tell a big lie. I fear that most current generation Americans have been so mentally diluted that they will continue to be led by their nose rings…the women becoming trivial TikTok clones of each other and the men remaining little marshmallow boys (or one or more of 95 pronouns).

          • Mr Hardy – I fear that you are painting with too broad a brush. Ideologues from either end of the political spectrum are more likely to devalue the other group as nefarious and extreme. A far-right Oath Keeper is just as likely to exaggerate the excesses of a progressive as a far-left Maoist is to describe a conservative.

            Most people are in that gray area in between and subscribe to a live and let live philosophy. We all have family members who take different political positions from our own, but no doubt, we still love them.

  1. You can see the same look of apparent defiance in both mother and son’s faces. There’s no contrition, only regret at getting caught; for the second time. I don’t care about what cards people are dealt that cause them to make illegal choices, what about the misery they’re peddling, and all of the other crimes that accompany drug distribution and addiction. There are plenty of people that have it rough, all over, and they get up and work, study and do the best they can to better themselves, every day. If poor circumstances were an adequate defense for a life of crime, I dare say it would be the leading profession in the world. We must expect respect for our laws, just as we must strenuously persecute their violation.

      • Brewster…I’m so lost!
        How do I embrace the new normal in America?
        I often wonder what I did wrong for 40 years (work hard, save money, avoid debt, paid off house at 50, ate healthy and practiced personal responsibility…. except for the youthful exuberance of the 60’s and 70’s)?
        Should I now become fat and dingy, in debt with no financial bearing, eat lots of fast food and become a slave to social media…. maybe get some tattoos and piercings?
        I am considering hair extensions, facial fillers and Botox…. but won’t plump the lips…looks like a duck.

        • personally don’t think you should judge like that I knew this kid and not everyone was dealt the best card he was a great guy and don’t think you should be so negative and since you mentioned it you should go get fat and do all that

          • That is a good point and I mindfully consider your observation.
            None the less…I also am an observer of the general population and spent the last 22 years in finance…the very basic skills to be an adult and live a fruitful life in America are lost to most people.
            Sorry the kid has problems…that’s not a pass….those drugs literally eat out the minds of the users.