6 boys in 2 vehicles arrested after chases from Fayetteville to Peachtree City


Vehicle chases involving two vehicles that began in Fayetteville in the early morning hours of Nov. 1 continued south of the city and resulted in six male teens from Clayton County taken into custody. Two other teens who escaped on foot were arrested after making their way into Peachtree City. All six Clayton teens were ages 15 and 16.

The incident unfolded in Fayetteville when license plate reader cameras identified a Kia stolen from Clayton County. Officers located the Kia, which was traveling with a black sedan, in the area of Ga. Highway 85 North and Banks Road, said Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Mike Francis.

Francis said officers pulled the vehicles over, but both vehicles quickly sped away, heading southbound.

Fayetteville officers soon stopped the stolen Kia and took the two male teenage occupants into custody, Francis noted.

Fayetteville officers and sheriff’s deputies later located the black sedan in the area of Hwy. 85 South and Ga. Highway 74 South.

Sheriff Barry Babb said two of the four occupants of the vehicle, also teenage males from Clayton County, were taken into custody at the scene, though the other two occupants fled on foot.

The remaining two male teens made their way on foot into the southside of Peachtree City.

Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt said the two were located a few hours later and, after a short foot pursuit, were taken into custody near the bus loop at Braelinn Elementary School.

Francis said the investigation is ongoing.


  1. “Job well done” to Fayetteville Police, Fayette County Sheriff’s Dept. and Peachtree City Police for seeing this issue through from start to stop. It’s obvious that these kids thought that the darkest wee hours of the morning were the best time to commit crime with little chance of getting caught. This is truly a case of good people watching over us while we slept.

  2. Just a class excursion for extra credit.
    This was freshman “gang’sta” class 101 and 102 for these Clayton Kids.
    Second semester will involve the use of handguns to commit a crime.
    “Associates in Gang’sta” will be given by at hock “perfessers” once these little pers spend a couple of years in jail.
    All hail graduating class 2025!

  3. The Kia crashed in-between my house and my neighbor’s house and that is the vehicle in which the kids ran from the cops. We were woke up to the chaos at 3:30 in the morning and have watched it all take place on the camera on the side of my house. This article makes it sound like they ran from the black sedan. That is not true.