Metro pair jailed for fake ID to buy furniture worth $13,000

Roc Adams (L) and Reginae Calhoun. Photos/Fayette County Jail.
Roc Adams (L) and Reginae Calhoun. Photos/Fayette County Jail.

An attempt to use a fake ID to purchase $13,000 of merchandise at a Fayetteville furniture store was thwarted when the employee noticed something suspicious, then notified the company’s management and the cops.

Roc D. Adams, 22, of Sandy Springs, was charged with four felony counts of financial identity fraud, one count of felony financial transaction card fraud and misdemeanor marijuana, according to Fayette County Jail records.

Reginae A. Calhoun, 20, of Atlanta, was charged with the same violations, according to jail records.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Jeff Harris said the Oct. 7 incident occurred at the Ashley HomeStore at the Fayette Pavilion.

The employee was alerted to something being not quite right when checking Adams out for his $13,000 purchase. The card he provided had no chip, so the employee asked for an ID, Harris said.

The identification Adams provided showed a name with a residence in Vermont. Before completing the sale, the employee contacted the company’s operations manager, who advised that the identification was involved in a fraud case at the company’s McDonough location, Harris explained.

The operations manager told the employee to stall Adams and call 911, said Harris.

Harris said officers arriving at the scene made contact with Adams, while others noticed a vehicle in the parking lot and Calhoun inside on the phone.

Calhoun maintained that she only drove Adams to the location, Harris said, adding that a search of the vehicle resulted in officers finding other debit cards, three blank debit cards and a bag of marijuana.